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Introduction to Adult and Embryonic Stem Cell Technology
CLE Teleconference
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Registration Details to Follow Soon at www.abanet.org/scitech

E-Commerce Payments
CLE Teleconference
Tuesday, January 27, 2008
Registration Details to Follow Soon at www.abanet.org/scitech

2009 ABA Mid Year Meeting
February 12-14, 2009
Boston, MA

24th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference
April 1-4, 2009
Washington, DC

April 2-4, 2009
Chicago, IL

ABA TECHSHOW 2009 -- The World's Premier Legal Technology Conference and EXPO


 This book provides you with a legal and practical approach to the new world of digital information. It has been described as a must have  for litigation lawyers, corporate counsel and records managers who want to understand how to appropriately handle the digital information of an enterprise. Learn more.

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 The Section’s quarterly magazine features practical and timely articles on a diverse range of science and technology law issues. This issue focuses on the impact of bioinformatics.

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This past year the Section created two new committees, in keeping with its mission to stay abreast of new developments. Learn about the Section’s two new committees below.

E-Discovery and Digital Evidence

The e-Discovery and Digital Evidence Committee will address the emerging issues and problems facing the legal profession and the courts as a result of the explosion in electronic information.

The EDDE Committee brings together the leading thinkers and practitioners in the area of e-discovery and digital evidence: jurists, litigators, policy-makers, technology experts, and business leaders.  Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and law in a way that will foster better client representation -- prior to, in preparation for, and  during litigation.

We are particularly honored to have as members a number of the judges who are shaping the landscape of digital evidence. 

Don’t miss the EDDE Committee Kickoff Meeting in Washington D.C. on Monday and Tuesday, November 17 and 18.  Many thanks to Venable, LLC and partner Jim Burdette for hosting the meeting.  To join the Committee and find all the details about the kickoff agenda and activities, please check the SciTech EDDE website

Cleantech and Climate Change

The Clean Technology and Climate Change Committee (CTC3) raises awareness to law, policy, science, and technology issues related to climate change; strengthens the capacity for effective legal, technical and market-based responses to mitigate greenhouse gases, ease adaptation, drive innovation, assure compliance, and preserve environmental integrity; and, as appropriate, assists with the development and implementation of domestic and international laws.  CTC3 draws upon the expertise of public and private sector members from a wide range of practice areas and coordinates with other committees within the ABA Section on Science and Technology Law and in other Sections. Join today on their website.

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