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2009 ABA Annual Meeting
Swissotel Chicago
July 29 - August 2, 2009

Seven Secrets Every Lawyer Must Know to Thrive, Even in a Recession
August 25, 2009 - August 25, 2009
Format: Teleconference

Domestic Protection of Cleantech IP
September 15, 2009 - September 15, 2009
Format: Teleconference

ABA Connection on Food Safety
September 15, 2009
Sponsored by ABA Journal and ABE Center on CLE

Arming for the Cleantech Revolution: The United States Prepares Landmark Federal and State Legislation to Save the Climate and the Economy
September 29, 2009

Digital Law Conference
September 23-24, 2009
San Jose, CA


 The advancement of technology in the past decade has catapulted the prominence of electronic evidenc... Read More

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 The Section’s quarterly magazine features practical and timely articles on a diverse range of science and technology law issues. This issue focuses on biosecurity.

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Section News

Call to Action: CTC3 Articles sought!

The Cleantech and Climate Change Committee seeks articles for the first issue of their electronic newsletter. Submissions for the fall issue are due September 15th to MOstrau@fenwick.com and sean.brady@mac.com . Please review submission criteria below. Each article should relate to the Committee's Mission Statement, as printed below.

CTC3 Submission Criteria:


Each article should relate to the Committee’s Mission Statement, as printed below:

Mission Statement: 

The Clean Technology and Climate Change Committee (CTC3) raises awareness to law, policy, science, and technology issues related to climate change; strengthens the capacity for effective legal, technical and market-based responses to mitigate greenhouse gases, ease adaptation, drive innovation, assure compliance, and preserve environmental integrity; and, as appropriate, assists with the development and implementation of domestic and international laws. CTC3 draws upon the expertise of public and private sector members from a wide range of practice areas and coordinates with other committees within the ABA Section on Science and Technology Law and in other Sections.

Style :

The writing style should be brisk and straightforward—more readable and informal than that in a law review article. Authors should consider the following style guidelines:

·     Strive for an interesting opening and closing,
·     Use the active voice rather than the passive voice,
·     Use gender-neutral language,
·     Avoid long quotations,
·     Avoid surplus verbiage,
·     Avoid using a long word when a short one will do,
·     Avoid using a foreign phrase, scientific word, or jargon if a more common English equivalent exists,
·     Avoid overworked figures of speech,
·     Avoid overcapitalization, and
·     Use citations only when necessary, which should be in parenthetical notation due to HTML formatting .

Submission and Publication :

Prior publication: Articles should be original. Simultaneous submission, although discouraged, should be clearly noted. The issue editor will communicate this status to the editorial board. Any reprinted article accepted for publication will be noted as such with an editor’s note in the magazine.

Article length: Feature articles should run between 750 and 1,200 words. CTC3 also accepts some shorter articles and columns.

Author information: Authors should include short biographies for publication with articles. Biographies should be one sentence long. Authors may also supply e-mail addresses for publication in the magazine.

Manuscript preparation: Articles should be single-spaced with one-inch margins using Arial Font, 10 point font. Please submit articles in Word format by email attachment.

The author review process: Authors will review articles edited.

Publication agreement: Authors are asked to sign a publication agreement that grants the ABA the exclusive right of first publication, the nonexclusive right to reprint, and the right to use the work in other ABA media—including electronic, print, and other.