Committee News

April, 2007


Members of the Workout, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Committee of the Real Property Section of the American Bar Association are endeavoring to update the ABA’s 1995 publication entitled “Foreclosure and Related Remedies in the 50 States”.

The Committee is in need of contributors from a number of States ( see list attached ) who are willing to update the Section of the book covering their State using a template questionnaire ( form attached ). The template generally follows the format of the template utilized to compile the State Sections in the current book. Volunteer contributors will be provided with the existing provisions of the book covering their State to assist them in updating the template.

The current plan is to have the contributors for each State split the job of responding to the questions on the template, cross-check one another's responses and send in a final combined product bearing the names of all contributors. The Committee would like to have at least two contributors per State to assist with updating that State’s Section of the book. Templates are not expected to be due until early fall 2007 (so there is plenty of opportunity to enlist summer associate help in completing the project)!

The new book will publicize the names of contributors in the initial pages thereof as well as at the beginning of the State summary prepared by the contributors. Each contributor will also be provided with a free copy of the updated book. The price of the new book remains to be set, but the current book costs $90.00.

Anyone interested in participating in the update project should contact:

Cheryl Kelly
Thompson Coburn LLP
One US Bank Plaza
Suite 2600
St. Louis, MO 63101
314-552-6167 ph; 314-552-7167 fx