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  • February 2013

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2012 Excellence in Writing Awards

Best Practical Use Articles
Real Property
How Borrowers Should Deal with Special Servicers
By Beverly J. Quail and Joseph E. Lubinski

Trust & Estate
Retirement Assets to a Surviving Spouse - Rollovers and Portability Are Your First Choice
By Christopher R. Hoyt

Best Cutting Edge Articles
Real Property
Wind Rights Under Property Law: Answers Still Blowing in the Wind
By Troy A. Rule

Trust & Estate
When You Pass on, Don't Leave the Passwords Behind: Planning for Digital Assets
By Gerry W. Beyer and Naomi Cahn

Best Overall Articles
Real Property
High Water in the Nation's Breadbasket - A Takings Analysis of the Government's Response to the Mississippi River's Great Flood of 2011
By Brian Lee and Alice M. Noble-Allgire

Trust & Estate
Wandry v. Commissioner: The "Secret Sauce" Esate Planners Have Been Waiting For?
By Tiffany B. Carmona and Tye J. Klooster

Best Technology/Law Practice Management Article
The Social Media Ticket: Surviving and Thriving in the Tangled Thorny Issues
By Michael H. Rubin and Kathy Gutierrez