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  • February 2013

Group & Committee News

Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group

The International Tax Planning Committee hosted the January Group Call.  The call was moderated by Scott Bowman, Co-Vice Chair of the Committee and featured discussion of same sex planning, the final FATCA regulations, and the new Medicare Net Investment Income Tax.  Speakers were George Karibjanian, Ted Ahlgren, and Cathy Pareto.  The Committee will also be participating in the Hot Topics Roundtable at the Spring Symposia in Washington, DC.  In other news, Michael Spielman, Co-Chair of the Committee, was recently appointed to serve as RPTE’s Liaison to the ABA's International Law Section.  

The Tax Litigation & Controversy Committee, Chaired by Keri Brown and Kevin Packman and Vice Chaired by Jenny Johnson, has coordinated with the Business Planning Group to present a program at the RPTE 24th Annual Spring Symposia in Washington, DC on May 2.  The program is entitled "Our Clients in the Spotlight: The New IRS Global High Wealth Industry Group."  The focus of this presentation will be on why the IRS Commissioner considers the Global High Wealth Industry Group to be a "game-changing" move for the IRS, the risks facing taxpayers who are selected for audit by this group, the procedures followed in these types of audits, and proactive solutions that clients and their advisors can take now to minimize potential damage caused by future audit.  Confirmed speakers include Tamera L. Ripperda, Director of the IRS Global High Wealth Industry Group; James Fee, legal and technical advisor to the Global High Wealth Industry Group; and Committee Vice Chair Jenny Johnson of Holland & Knight LLP.

The Estate and Gift Tax Committee, led by Co-Chairs Richard Franklin and Lester Law and Vice Chairs Tracy Blake DeVlieger, Anthony Engel, and Ryan Walsh, recently hosted a Group Call for the Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group, with Richard Franklin, Lester Law, and George Karibjanian discussing Fleeting Tax Planning Opportunities for 2012.  The committee has also completed two recent papers on portability – “Portability – The Game Changer” and “Portability – The Regulations” – following up its “Portability – Part One” paper distributed in January 2012.  The committee has a section of its webpage dedicated to its work on portability of transfer tax exemptions between spouses.  Those materials and others can be found on the committee’s website.  The committee will also participate in the Group’s Hot Topics and New Developments presentation at the Spring Symposia in Washington, D.C.

The Individual and Fiduciary Income Tax Committee will host a call on Thursday, March 21, 2013 entitled "Tax Update." This call will focus on recent legislative and administrative changes affecting individual and fiduciary income taxation. Amy Heller will discuss the latest FATCA regulations; Justin Ransome will cover the 3.8% Medicare tax as it applies to both earned and unearned income; and David Bollis will review the 2012 Tax Act as it applies to individual and fiduciary income taxes.