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  • December 2012

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RPTE Diversity Award

Congratulations to the Leasing Group!

In an effort to promote diversity within the Section, the Standing Committee on Diversity has recognized the Leasing Group for their outstanding efforts to promote diversity in the 2011-2012 bar year. The Section Diversity Awards were announced at the Plenary Session during the 2012 Fall Leadership Meeting in Palm Beach, FL.

The Leasing Group maintained a high percentage of diversity in its leadership ranks. Out of 12 Committee Chair and Vice-Chair positions within the group, the Leasing Group had seven female leaders. Interestingly, all seven of these female leaders were appointed to their respective positions for the first time in 2011.  Consequently, these outstanding real estate attorneys will remain an integral part of The Leasing Group’s leadership for years to come.

As evidence of The Leasing Group’s active female leadership, The Leasing Group actively participated in four separate programs at the 2011 Spring Symposia. Three of the four panelists at the Leasing Group program were female members of the group, including Marie Moore, the Group’s Vice-Chair, and Grace Tate, an African American Chair of the Ground Leasing Group.

Visit the Leasing Groups webpage.