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August 2013

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Leasing Group

The Leasing Group is an active assemblage of 410 attorneys with diverse practices in all phases of leasing law. The Leasing Group is comprised of six substantive Committees: Retail Leasing, Office Leasing, Industrial and Warehouse Leasing, Ground Leasing, Emerging Issues and Specialty Leases, and Assignment and Subletting. During the months of September, November, January, March, May and July, the Committees rotate responsibility for hosting a one hour substantive teleconference on a leasing issue of interest to that Committee’s members. In addition, the Leasing Group hosts five half-hour teleconferences (October, December, February, April and June) on the "nuts and bolts" of leasing for attorneys interested in the fundamentals of lease negotiations. The dates of and substantive materials for the Committee teleconferences and the Nuts and Bolts programs can be found on the Leasing Group’s website. Leasing Group members also often present eCLE programs on current leasing topics for RPTE’s members and publish articles in Probate & Property magazine.

On November 9, 2012, RPTE’s Standing Committee on Diversity presented the Leasing Group with its Diversity Award for the Group’s outstanding efforts in promoting diversity in RPTE. The Leasing Group is proud of its female leaders, including the Group Vice-Chair, three Committee Chairs, and five Committee Vice-Chairs. Further evidence of the Leasing Group’s active female leadership was on display at RPTE’s Spring Symposia in Washington, DC in May, 2013. Two of the Leasing Group’s three programs at the Spring Symposia were chaired by Leasing Group leaders, Marie Moore, Ruth Schoenmeyer and Dorothea Dickerman.

The Leasing Group is committed to providing outstanding value to its members. Every attorney engaged in representing clients in leasing transactions can benefit from participation in the Leasing Group. The Group can provide needed knowledge and contacts both to experienced leasing lawyers and to attorneys seeking to expand their leasing expertise. This Group has an exceptional collection of leaders and members who are experts in their respective fields and who share their expertise on our calls. Active membership in the Leasing Group committees not only enhances an attorney’s legal skills in the leasing field, but also provides an invaluable network of leasing colleagues across the country for sharing ideas, obtaining advice, and keeping updated on current leasing trends.

Please visit the Leasing Group Website in this link to keep abreast of the Leasing Group’s activities.

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