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  • August 2012

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The Leasing Group

The Leasing Group is a dynamic, active, and enthusiastic ensemble of 419 attorneys with an interest in learning and cultivating legal skills in the leasing arena.  It is comprised of six substantive leasing committees:  Retail Leasing, Office Leasing, Industrial and Warehouse Leasing, Ground Leasing, Emerging Issues and Specialty Leases, and Assignment and Subletting.  Although each committee has its particular area of exploration, there is significant interaction between the committees and their respective members. During the course of each year, each committee conducts a one hour substantive conference call program on a leasing "hot topic" germane to that committee's focus.  In addition, the Leasing Group offers frequent calls on the Nuts and Bolts of leasing and the Assignment and Sublease offers calls on the Anatomy of a Sublease – these calls provide basic information on particular lease, sublease, or assignment topic for those just starting to practice or those who want a refresher in a familiar area. Leasing Group members also often present eCLE programs on current leasing topics for RPTE's members and publish articles in Probate & Property magazine.

In addition to substantive teleconferences throughout the year, the Leasing Group has a proud history of presenting distinguished programs at RPTE's Spring Symposia.  During the most recent Spring Symposia that took place in New York City in May 2012, members of the Leasing Group were proud participants in four separate CLE programs:  “The Future of Leasing” (Industrial and Warehouse Leasing, Ground Leasing and Emerging Issues and Specialty Leases Committees), “Putting the "Ease" in Shopping Center Easements and Declarations” (Retail Leasing Committee), “When the Pressure Builds, Will the Boiler(Plate) Explode” (Office Leasing Committee), and “Water, Wind, Quake, and Pestilence: Property Insurance for Calamity” (joint presentation by members of the Leasing Group and the Property, Casualty, and other Non-Title Insurance Committee of the Commercial Real Estate Transactions Group).  Continuing to educate the leasing professionals, via committee teleconferences, RPTE programs, and Probate & Property articles, regarding current trends in leasing, drafting tips and best practices is, and will continue to be, the top priority for the committees within the Leasing Group.

In view of the breadth of committee areas, there is a niche for every attorney who deals with leases of real estate.  Attorneys interested in expanding their leasing expertise are encouraged to join and actively participate in the Leasing Group.  The Group has an exceptional collection of committee chairs and vice-chairs who are experts in their respective fields.  Active membership in the Leasing Group committees not only will enhance an attorney’s legal skills in the leasing field, but it will also provide an invaluable network of leasing colleagues across the country for sharing ideas, obtaining advice and keeping updated on current leasing trends.

Please visit the Leasing Group website to keep abreast of the upcoming calls and presentations and to learn more about the Leasing Group's committees and membership.