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  • August 2012

Section News

2012-2013 Section Officers and Council Positions

The Section would like to congradulate the newly appointed Section Officers and Council members!

Section Chair
Tina H. Portuondo, Coral Gables, FL

Susan G. Talley, New Orleans, LA

Vice Chair, Trust and Estate Division
Gideon Rothschild, New York, NY

Vice Chair, Real Property Division
Robert J. Krapf, Wilmington, DE

David J. Dietrich, Billings, MT

Assistant Secretary, Trust and Estate Division
James D. Spratt, Jr., Atlanta, GA

Assistant Secretary, Real Property Division
James G. Durham, Dayton, OH

Finance and Corporate Sponsorship Officer
Jo Ann Engelhardt, Palm Beach, FL

Section Delegates to the ABA House of Delegates
David M. English, Columbia, MO
Kevin L. Shepherd, Baltimore, MD
David K.Y. Tang, Seattle, WA

Immediate Past Chair
Andrew F. Palmieri, Washington, DC

Trust and Estate Division Council Members
Real Property Division Council Members
Katherine N. Barr, Birmingham, AL
Terrence M. Franklin, Los Angeles, CA
Susan N. Gary, Eugene, OR
Steven B. Gorin, St. Louis, MO
Carol G. Kroch, Wilmington, DE
Julie K. Kwon, Menlo Park, CA
Stephanie Loomis-Price, Houston, TX
Edward M. Manigault, Atlanta, GA
Richard W. Nenno, Wilmington, DE
Susan Porter, New York, NY
Aen W. Webster, Washington, DC
Michael D. Whitty, Chicago, IL
Edward T. Brading, Johnson City, TN
Dianne S. Coscarelli, Cleveland, OH
Robert S. Freedman, Tampa, FL
Dennis M. Horn, Washington, DC
Elizabeth C. Lee, Washington, DC
Nancy R. Little, Richmond, VA
Orlando Lucero, Albuquerque, NM
Jo-Ann Marzullo, Boston, MA
Sandra G. Porter, Tampa, FL
Stephen R. Romine, Norfolk, VA
James C. Wine, Des Moines, IA
Kenneth C. Wright, Orlando, FL