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  • August 2010

A Special Thank You...

Thank You Susan Talley!

With the publication of this edition of the eReport, the reigns of editor pass from Susan Talley to Robert Steele.

We express our gratitude to Susan for her stewardship of the publication and her tireless commitment to the Section and our profession. 

Susan’s contributions to the eReport are many.  In 2006, she was instrumental in bringing about the combining of the electronic journals of the Real Property and Trust and Estate Divisions of the Section (“e-dirt” and “e-state,” respectively), into what we now know as the eReport.  Under her careful direction, the style and content of the publication were steadily enhanced.  Ever so diplomatic, gracious and efficient, Susan’s regular presence as a member of the eReport team will be missed.

Fortunately for us all, even though Susan is exiting her position as editor of the eReport, she continues her role in Section leadership as the new Real Property Division Vice Chair. We suspect that, like Michael Goler, Managing Editor Emeritus, she will remain active “behind the scenes” in helping the publication procure substantive material to better the quality of our presentation.

We wish Susan the best of luck in her new role in Section leadership, and are pleased that she continues to lend her significant capabilities to furthering the development of the Section.

-Robert Steele, Editor, and Cheryl Kelly, Real Property Articles Editor

Susan Talley is an attorney at Stone Pigman Walther Wittman L.L.C. in New Orleans, LA. For more information about Susan, please click here, http://www.stonepigman.com/attorneys/susan_g_talley.html.