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  • April 2010

Technology and Practice Management

The Basics of List Serves

A list serve is an email address that comprises a group of emails.  List serves allow members to exchange ideas, discuss issues and notify members of conference calls, meetings and events.

How Do I Send Out a List Serve Message to My RPTE Group or Committee?
Simply send a regular email (via Outlook or any other email software program) to your full RPTE Group or Committee list serve email address.  The prefix is found on your Group or Committee webpage in the “List Serve” blue box. 

For example, the prefix for the Environmental Committee is rpte-environment. Simply add “@mail.abanet.org” to this prefix, and you will have the full list serve email address, rpte-environment@mail.abanet.org.

How Do I Opt Out of a List Serve?
If you would like to opt out of an RPTE Group or Committee list serve, simply log on to the ABA website, go to “MyABA”, select the Group or Committee, and click “unsubscribe” in the “List Serve” blue box.

A Note About Sending Out List Serve Messages:
We all complain about too much email.  Please remember to think about who you are trying to reach before sending out a list serve message.  If you have a specific question or comment, please post the message to your Committee list serve before posting it to your larger Group list serve.