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  • April 2010

Group and Committee News

The Elder Law, Disability Planning and Bioethics Group

The Elder Law, Disability Planning and Bioethics Group has been busy and expanding. We are looking forward to two presentations at the Spring Symposia in Philadelphia. Our group presentation will be on Special Needs Trusts, and features four experts from the area in a panel discussion. Kristen Lewis, Patty Stitchler, and Paul Sturgis, each of whom practices heavily in this area of law, and Professor Larry Frolik of the University of Pittsburg School of Law will be the panelists. Individually, Professor Kris Knaplund, chair of the Bioethics Committee of the Group, will chair a panel discussion on the issue of Assisted Reproductive Technology and its impact on estate planning. Professor Knaplund, has published an article on sexuality in the nursing home setting, entitled “The Right of Privacy and America’s Aging Population”, published in the Denver University Law Review. It was selected as one of the top 10 law review articles to read for 2009, in the January 2010 issue of Tax Notes. Kris’ work with the committee highlights the expanding role of ethical issues in our Group, both for seniors and other bioethical issues.  For those who come to the Group lunch, we will be discussing two issues which are of importance to the Group: the proposed legislation in Congress to modify the federal laws concerning use of special needs trusts and military survivor benefits, as well as a discussion on how to increase the numbers of lawyers practicing the expanding area of elder law, and how to get those practitioners the legal education they need to practice. The lunch will be held on Thursday, May 6, at 11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. Hope to see all of you in Philadelphia.