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  • October 2009

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Chair’s Message

As I write my first eReport communication to our members for the new bar year, I realize that my challenge for the year will be to keep these messages short and concise. This is not because, as lawyers we always have a lot to say (or at least think we do!), but rather because the Section is engaged in so many significant activities. Thus, my goal with each of these bi-monthly updates will be to merely give you a glimpse of some of our current activities. To learn more about the many other things the leaders within your Section are doing, I encourage you to visit our robust website regularly here.

Let me start by telling you a little about who your leaders are within the Section. As chair of the Section I am honored and privileged to have the support of an outstanding and dedicated staff, as well as a ten-member Executive Committee with over 150 years of RPTE experience. The Executive Committee is, in turn, supported by a Council of 30 members as well as 9 real property substantive groups, 43 real property substantive committees, 7 trust and estate groups and 26 trust and estate committees. We also have 13 standing committees, 5 task forces and many persons who serve as liaisons to various organizations. Most of these groups, committees and task forces have chairs and vice-chairs (and many, many members). Together, those dedicated volunteers constitute the leadership of the Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law. If you are not actively involved in the Section, you are missing the opportunity to work with many wonderful people who continue to stay on the cutting edge of developments in their respective practice areas. Getting involved in one or more of our committees is painless and the level of commitment is entirely your decision. Visit out website for more details on what these committees are doing and how you can get involved.

One very exciting thing that many of our committees are doing is holding periodic substantive and informative teleconferences. These are free and are presently open to members of the Section and those who are not.  Eight such teleconferences are scheduled for October alone on subjects such as (1) Rev. Rul. 2009-25 (September 21, 2009) dealing with non-deductibility of interest on a loan to purchase insurance, (2) unique issues involved with the leasing of medical offices and facilities, (3) dealing with lenders in today’s real estate climate, (4) estate planning for clients with chronic illnesses, and much more. These teleconferences are informal and interactive and are designed for the participants to learn, as well as to share their knowledge with others. Further details and dial-in instructions are available and regularly updated on the Section website.

Our website also includes many other timely and important resources. We have an “Economic Recovery Resource Web Portal” with materials on job searching, personal development and career transition. There are also links to “CLE Now!” which provide many complimentary CLE programs. We are well aware of the impact the current recession has had on our profession and our practices and these resources provide many useful tools for confronting these challenges.  The website also includes information on the “Red Flag Rule.” As you may know, the ABA has sued the Federal Trade Commission because the FTC sought to impose significant burdens on lawyers by classifying them as “creditors” who must then develop and implement plans to detect and respond to possible identity theft. Our website is also regularly updated to include recent government submissions and reports by our groups and committees.

As you can see from this brief snapshot, your Section is fully engaged and committed to providing outstanding materials and resources for all of its members. We welcome the opportunity to continue to serve you as well as for your continued or future involvement.

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