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  • April 2010

Group and Committee News

The Residential, Multi-Family and Special Use Group

The Residential, Multi-Family and Special Use Group comprises four committees:  1) Single Family Residential; 2) Multi-Family Residential; 3) Senior Housing and Assisted Living; and 4) Affordable Housing.  The Group has actively provided discussions on cutting-edge topics including HUD-related regulations and Brownfields legislation, where we have invited outside speakers to share their level of expertise to the members of our committees.  Our “open” calls allow for our committee leaders to brainstorm about how to serve their members in the most effective and practical manner possible.  Given the realities of the real estate legal profession, it is nice to be able to join with others who can share your frustrations and elations about these ever-changing industries.

The Residential, Multi-Family and Special Use Group will host a lunch at the Spring Symposia.  The Group luncheon will be on Thursday, May 6th at 11:45 a.m.  We will talk about hot topics in these industries, including our upcoming program on the “Benefits of ARRA as it Relates to Affordable Housing Transactions and the Issues/Obstacles it has Created”, and the “Benefits of HAMP to Eligible Borrowers, Participating Servicers and Investors”, to be held on Friday, May 7th at 3:15 p.m.