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  • December 2010

Group and Committee News

Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group

The Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group has the following to report as highlights for 2010 and some projects for 2011:

  • On behalf of the Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group, members Ed Koren, Steve Akers, Ellen Harrison, Carlyn McCaffrey and Julie Kwon co-authored a letter to Congress (see the front page of the eReport to read this letter).
  • The Group, along with the Non-Tax Estate Planning Considerations Group, is providing comments to the IRS on PTIN guidance, and comments to the SEC on private trust companies. They are also preparing informational materials for media outreach.
  • At the 2010 RPTE Fall Leadership Meeting, the Income and Transfer Tax Planning Group had several business planning meetings to discuss projects for the upcoming year. The Group has also had numerous informative conference calls this past year, which were very well attended with about 100-150 callers.
  • The Estate and Gift Tax Committee and Generation Skipping Transfers Committee are developing a number of talking points regarding the state of the transfer taxes. This information is intended to be distributed by the ABA to various media outlets. 
  • The Generation Skipping Transfers Committee co-sponsored a program on tax apportionment clauses with the Estate and Gift Tax Committee at the 2010 Joint Fall Meeting with the ABA Section of Taxation in Toronto.
  • The International Tax Planning Committee is finalizing the section 877A comments with the ABA Section of Taxation. Additionally, this committee will be sponsoring an eCLE on international developments in February of 2011.
  • The Individual and Fiduciary Income Tax Committee is in the process of writing a comment letter to the IRS on the carryover basis Form 8939.
  • The Tax Litigation and Controversy Committee led a group call in November, featuring an interactive discussion of practical considerations in advising clients regarding year-end gifts and estate administration in 2010, along with developments affecting estate and international tax planning and reporting. At the 2011 Spring Symposia, the committee will present a panel discussion on transitioning from representing a client to administering the estate.

    To learn more about this Group, visit their homepage. For questions, please contact Group Chair Julie Kwon ( Jkwon@mwe.com ) and Group Vice Chair Leigh Basha ( leigh.basha@hklaw.com ).