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  • October 2009

Committee Spotlight

The Charitable Planning and Organizations Group

The Charitable Group consists of three separate committees:  Charitable Planning, Charitable Organizations, and Legislative and Regulatory Issues.  The Charitable Group tends to operate more as a group than within our separate committees, because our committees overlap so much.  We have group phone calls once a quarter, and we try to have an educational topic for the call - or sometimes several presentations.  We post the call-in information and the agenda for the call on the group website, so it's good to check a week or two before the call to see whether it will be of interest.

The group has been active in presenting programs at both the RPTE Spring CLE meeting and the fall joint meeting with the Tax Section.  We also have time to gather as a group at those meetings in order to talk about the other projects we are working on.

The group has written comments when the Treasury Department requests comments on proposed regulations.  Usually a subcommittee within the group works on comments, gets input from group members, and then sends the comments to the leadership of the RPTE Section for approval.  The Section then submits the comments to Treasury.

Group members write articles for Probate & Property and the Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Journal and we can post short articles on eReport, the electronic newsletter produced by the Section (http://americanbar.org/groups/real_property_trust_estate/publications/rpte_e_report_home.html).  In fact, eReport is a great way for a new member to get involved and have something published.  Articles can be short, need not be heavily footnoted, and will be published relatively quickly (as compared with print publications).


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