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  • October 2009

Group and Committee News

The Hospitality, Timesharing and Common Interest Development Group

The Hospitality, Timesharing and Common Interest Development Group continues its efforts to provide outstanding and detailed information concerning matters of interest for all RPTE members as well as Group members.  The Group is comprised of three committees: Common Interest Ownership Development; Hotels, Resorts and Tourism; and Timesharing and Fractional Uses.  The Group holds quarterly Hot Topics calls; the next one will be held in December, and further information will be posted on the Group’s webpage - http://www.abanet.org/dch/committee.cfm?com=RP266000. The subject matter of these Hot Topics calls generally rotates among the committees.  Recent topics have included HUD requirements for condominium project approval, distressed hotel projects, international fractional programs and interstate land sales cases and strategies.   Upcoming topics will include continued discussions on the financing of common interest communities and the anatomy of condo-hotels and their future viability.  Several articles have been published following the Group’s CLE programs, and the Common Interest Ownership Development Committee is presently working to catalog the myriad case law concerning alleged violations of the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act.  We welcome your ideas for programming or topics which need to be addressed by our Committees; please contact Jay Zschau, Group Chair ( jayz@penningtonlawfirm.com) or Rob Freedman, Group Vice-Chair ( rfreedman@carltonfields.com) with your thoughts and suggestions.


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