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  • February 2009

Group and Committee News

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Group
Ongoing Activities

The Commercial Real Estate Transactions Group (the "Group") includes the Design and Construction Committee, chaired by George Meyer, which will present a free-standing program at the Washington meeting on "Green Construction". This program may lend itself to an e-CLE presentation.

The Group CLE program at the Washington meeting will focus on discussions of issues brought to the fore by the devastation in the real estate markets and new issues exposed in the wake of the fallout, including:

  • Title insurance issues, led by Alan Keiser, Chair of the Title Insurance and Surveys Committee
  • Required due diligence, led by Dean Alterman, Chair of the Purchase and Sale Committee
  • Broker issues and "short sales", led by Nelse Schreck, Chair of the Brokers and Brokerage Committee
  • How lenders obtain interests in insurance policies and the effects of foreclosure and of bankruptcy, led by Tanya Marsh, Vice-Chair of the Property, Casualty and Non-Title Insurance Committee

The quarterly Group conference call for March will be led by Dean Alterman and the topic will be trends in representations and warranties. This call will be held at 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time on March 11 and the call-in number and password will be available ahead of time and posted on the Group's website. These calls are scheduled for the second Wednesday of March, June, September and December, at the same time of day, and are led by different committees each time.

Neil Kessler, Vice-Chair of the Group, will be handling its website and any information and questions may be directed to him at neil.kessler@troutmansanders.com.

The only committee in the Group not mentioned above is Easements, Restrictions and Covenants, which led a lively phone discussion in December on a recent decision dealing with the question of can a restriction become obsolete over time.

There is a wide area of issues available in the Group and anyone can participate by helping with presentations, articles, e-CLE programs or just being part of a committee, and all are welcome.

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