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  • June 2010

Chair's Message

Message from Roger Winston - RPTE Chair

For my penultimate article for the eReport, I am happy to report that, due to the collective efforts of many within RPTE, the 21st Annual Symposia in Philadelphia was a resounding success. Despite the sluggish economy and belt-tightening measures by law firms and lawyers through the country, we were able to attract a record number of registrants for this year's Symposia.

We also greatly surpassed all previous records by having 24 law firms and 21 corporate sponsors for the Symposia. Sponsorships are a vital element to the fiscal stability of the Section and provide us the opportunity to continue to offer cutting edge programs and services to our members at very affordable rates. Based upon the survey results received after the meeting, both the attendees and the sponsors were extremely pleased with the programs and opportunities provided by the Symposia.

Special thanks go out to our Host Committee, our Sponsorship Committee, and our CLE Committee for their collective efforts in the resounding success of the Symposia.

A well-deserved shout out also goes to Gideon Rothschild who has served in an exemplary manner for the past five years as our Finance and Corporate Sponsorship Officer. During his term, which lapses this August, Gideon has assured the continued financial stability of the Section and has also surpassed all reasonable expectations for sponsorships. Beginning after the Annual Meeting in August, Jo Ann Engelhardt, who presently serves as Assistant Finance and Corporate Sponsorship Officer, will assume Gideon's responsibilities.

Speaking of the Annual Meeting, the Real Property Division will again be offering several outstanding CLE programs at the 2010 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco (along with hundreds of other timely CLE programs offered during the Annual Meeting). Information regarding the Annual Meeting can be found at http://new.abanet.org/annual/pages/default.aspx). I look forward to having the opportunity of seeing you there.

Best wishes to all readers of the eReport for a very enjoyable summer season. While you are taking time to enjoy some summer fun, please consider how you might benefit from further involvement in the RPTE Section. At over 25,000 members, we are the third largest section within the ABA. We are quite proud of our accomplishments, but most of these accomplishments are only made possible by the hard work and dedication of our 200+ RPTE leaders who work tirelessly to provide outstanding services and benefits to our members. I sincerely thank them for their service and invite you to join this team of dedicated professionals. If you are interested in becoming a leader within RPTE, or merely want to take further advantage of the many opportunities RPTE offers to its members, please do not hesitate to contact me or visit the Section website at http://www.abanet.org/rpte/.