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  • December 2010

Law Student News

Greetings RPTE members!

We are the 2011-2012 RPTE Law Student Division Liaisons. Our main tasks are threefold: 1) to discover ways to encourage law students to become more involved in the Section; 2) to communicate new initiatives and upcoming programs being developed by the Section to the ABA Law Student Division; and 3) to communicate to RPTE some of the things we are working on as law students.

It is our hope that we can have a continuous dialogue with the Membership Committee and the Section as a whole, so that we can provide RPTE with the tools necessary to better recruit law students and aid in the transition from law school to practice.

The ABA Law Student Division's big initiative for the year is assisting our members in either finding ways to become attractive to a future employer, or putting them in a better position to be located by future employers. Please let us know if you would like to discuss any programs, initiatives, or ideas that you believe could assist us in our overall goals. We look forward to our continued involvement in the Section and would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Thank you,
Chibundu and Will

To contact Chibundu (TE Liaison), please email him at chibundu.nnake@gmail.com. To contact Will (RP Liaison), please email him at williehudson@hotmail.com.