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  • June 2010

Group and Committee News

Legal Education and Uniform Laws Group

The Legal Education and Uniform Laws Group, under the leadership of Group Chair Barry Nekritz, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP, has been working to enhance real property education in law schools and at RPTE CLE programs, and also enhance the Section’s awareness and expertise regarding uniform laws. 

RP Uniform Laws Committee Chair Kieran P. Marion, who is Legislative Counsel at the Uniform Law Commission (NCCUSL), reports that the Committee has been focusing throughout the past year on developing educational programming (sometimes in conjunction with the TE Uniform Laws Committee). The Committee sponsored Spring Symposia programs in 2009 and 2010, each covering three uniform acts that are, or were at the time, in the ULC drafting pipeline.  The Committee has added several new members, including David Ewan as Webmaster. David has served as an ABA advisor for several uniform acts by way of the Science & Tech Section.  He and Kevin also worked to update the website with more current information, and will do so again at the end of May or early June when the style drafts for the pending RP acts will be complete.

The Committee is also planning on a Group Call in September to present another "Uniform Laws 101" session in conjunction with the TE Uniform Laws Committee.  A similar program will be presented at the Fall Leadership meeting (or a program related to current projects), along with the joint Uniform Laws breakfast tradition.

Moving into the new year, the Group will actively circulate information about uniform laws projects to members for their input.  Specifically, the Group will reach out to the RPTE advisors for drafting committees (or the ABA advisor, in the event there are none), and attempt to pair them up with a member or a small subcommittee of the RP Uniform Laws Committee to provide a “sounding board” for issues.  As a precursor, the Group will be working to recruit members interested in getting involved with uniform laws projects in general, or in specific projects that are underway.  In the long run, this type of activity may also help to develop and identify a larger body of interested individuals from which to recommend future RPTE advisors to projects, and provide the type of information and reports that will be useful and informative for other Committees and the Section as a whole.