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  • April 2010

Committee Spotlight

The Non-Tax Estate Planning Considerations Group currently has two committees with volunteer opportunities available.

The Non-Tax Issues Affecting the Planning and Administration of Estates and Trusts Committee is always looking for new volunteers to produce articles or help generate programming content. The committee has recently put on a myriad of exciting programs this year. Most recently the committee has hosted conference calls addressing (i) an attorney's ethical obligation to reach out to clients regarding previously executed wills and trusts in light of the 2010 repeal, and (ii) proposed legislation in New York which would drastically change the taxation of non-grantor trusts at the state level. The committee is working with the ABA's IP Section to put on a program regarding Estate Planning with Intellectual Property. Lastly, the committee will be featured at the Non-Tax Group's in-person meeting at the Spring Symposia in Philadelphia this May, on the topic of qualified purchaser and accredited investor issues that a trustee must be aware of when investing in alternative investments. The committee hosts conference calls every other month and is always looking for new volunteers to produce articles or help generate programming content.

The Emotional and Psychological Issues in Estate Planning Committee is seeking original articles for its web library. The web library will enable members to share our body of knowledge, expertise and wisdom among our follow committee members as well as all ABA members, and will enable committee members to learn more about their colleagues as a potential valuable resource. Articles may be submitted to Karin Prangley, kprangley@ksc-law.com. Committee members are invited to lead a talk on future committee calls. This is a great opportunity to put your favorite emotional and psychological issues in estate planning and estate litigation in front of our group for exploration and brainstorming. 

On Friday, April 16, 2010, the committee hosted a call entitled  “Speaking from the Grave: Recording the Testator's Intent. Creating, Preventing or Managing Emotional and Psychological Havoc for the Client and Attorney"

Our expert presenters agreed on some issues and strongly disagreed on others. Committee members heard and participated in the many different perspectives on this very controversial topic of preserving the testator's intent. What works well and what leads to probate litigation?