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  • October 2009

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As fall draws near, law students prepare for endless activities that will consume their time, including long nights studying, mid-terms, on-campus interviews, symposia and conferences. These activities take on a whole new meaning when forming a new student organization. No matter how much planning is involved, there is a moment where you wonder if others will take an interest in your vision. Adding to the anxiety is finding speakers who will bring much needed attention to your new organization.

This is exactly what happened to me when forming the West Virginia University Real Estate Law Society (RELS) this fall. RELS was created to bolster communications between real estate practitioners and students interested in the real estate field. Although starting RELS was extremely time consuming and stressful, having a first meeting where people actually attended, made the whole endeavor worthwhile.

If any one has any ideas or is interested in speaking to West Virginia Real Estate Law Society, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, let me know if your law school has a similar real estate organization that would be interested in exchanging ideas, or if you are interested in forming a real estate law society at your law school.


Will Hudson,
West Virginia University College of Law

Real Property Student Liaison and
President of the West Virginia University Real Estate Law Society


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