Welcome to the inaugural issue of GPSolo New Lawyer, the GPSolo Section’s quarterly enewsletter especially written to help you begin building your career and practicing law in the 21st Century.

We’ll give you insight into what others are doing in their careers and show you how your colleagues are balancing work and home. We’ll also offer you some valuable practice tips, and have a bit of fun with legal trivia and vocabulary building. Our regular feature “Dear Mike” will give you a chance to pose specific questions to a “virtual mentor.”

We’d like to keep the dialogue open. Have a great idea for an article? Want to give us your perspective on a hot topic in the law? We want to hear from you. Contact us at schwab@uslawcenter.com

We hope you enjoy this new addition to your many GPSolo Section benefits.

Karen J. Mathis

P.S. Be sure to take full advantage of your membership in the dynamic GPSolo Section—the fastest growing Section in the ABA. Check out our website at www.abanet.org/genpractice for the latest updates. And continue to utilize these standard benefits of your GPSolo Section membership:

  • The award-winning magazine GPSolo (featuring two special Technology & Practice Guides ; the quarterly Technology eReport ; two issues of Best of ABA Sections);
  • The convenient quick-read newsletter Solo ;
  • Valuable discounts on books loaded with how-to information and time-saving sample forms on disk;
  • Career-building networking opportunities through Section meetings, members-only special-interest list serves, specialized committees, and convenient CLE programs.

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