What Successful Lawyers Do


Successful lawyers . . .

  1. Focus—Only do what you do best.

  2. Practice the Golden Rule—The no. 1 client complaint is that the lawyer does not return calls.

  3. Build Relationships—Give more than just basic core service.

  4. Educate People That They Solve Problems and What Their Practice Areas Are. They feature their benefits and master the art of storytelling. Facts tell, stories sell.

  5. Exceed Expectations—Give More Than Expected. Under-promise so you can exceed expectations.

  6. Ask for Help—Marketing is not about who you know, but who they know. Ask for names for your mailing list.

  7. Make People Feel Good. Send notes of any kind, especially hand written.

  8. Understand Lifetime Value of Client. The value of repeat business and referrals can be enormous.

  9. Test—Try a lot of things and see what works. Track your activities.

  10. Give People What They Want. This is not the same as what they need. The fear of loss is easier to sell than fear of gain.

These ten tips are from a seminar on marketing by David Ward at the 2004 ABA Midyear Meeting. Visit Mr. Ward’s website at attorneymarketing.com.

William G. Schwab

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