Gary C. Brustin: Bicycle Attorney

By Joseph V. Sebelin Jr.


S ome forty years ago, Gary C. Brustin fell in love with bicycling. At that time, Gary desperately wanted to purchase a Sch winn Coppertone Continental. Because he could not afford to do so, he purchased another less expensive model. From that day forward, Gary continued cycling. To date, and several bicycles later, Gary has logged over 100,000 miles. Gary’s love of cycling has transcended from a past time to professional mission. As a lawyer, Gary developed a unique niche personal injury law practice specializing in cycling-injury-related cases. As a cyclist, Gary understands the dangers cyclists face when sharing the road with other motor vehicles. Gary believes that through his practice, he helps make the roads safer for all by aggressively pursuing claims against negligent drivers.

Since 1987, Gary has specialized in representing cyclists. Gary notes that while representing the injured cyclist is akin to representation of other injured plaintiffs, there are unique concerns that arise in cycling injury cases. Often jurors are unfamiliar with the perspective of the cyclist. As part of his trial preparation, Gary will often retrace the bicyclist’s route, both by car and bike. By doing so, he is able to accurately evaluate the events of the accident and make a credible presentation to the jury. Conveying the impact of the cyclist’s injuries to the jury is another challenge. Beyond the broken bones lie the love and enjoyment of cycling. Through his experience as a cyclist, and having sustained injury in cycling-related accidents, Gary has a unique insight into the concerns that confront the injured cyclist-plaintiff. As a result, he is better situated to convey such concerns to the jury.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in presenting a cycling injury case is that jurors often remain unsympathetic to the claims of cyclists. Comparative negligence, the enemy of any plaintiff, is especially problematic for cyclists. Despite cyclists’ right to travel the public roads, defendants often suggest that the cyclist could have avoided injury by simply selecting a less traveled route. To confront this false concept, Gary stresses that cyclists are entitled to the same use of the road as any other motorist.

Gary is passionate about the development of his niche practice and stresses that personal interest and involvement created his niche. Although this niche practice arose from his own interest in cycling, developing this niche involved more than proclaiming himself a “bicycle attorney.” Gary stresses that his success in niche practice is a result of his personal interest and continued involvement in the community he services.

Gary is active in the cycling community. He frequently speaks at bike clubs, advertises in bike magazines, and sponsors cycling teams and individual cyclists. He views his work as a lawyer as a battle to keep the roads safe for cycling enthusiasts. Gary stresses that “every attorney should specialize in a field of the law that rings true in both their heart and their mind.” Once the lawyer determines the appropriate field, involvement is the key. Becoming involved in the targeted community is more productive than advertising or business luncheons. Given Gary’s lifelong interest in bicycling, his niche personal injury practice is the perfect fit.

Gary C. Brustin is a lawyer licensed to practice in California and maintains offices in both Los Angeles and San Jose. He has assisted with cycling related cases throughout the country. He may be reached at (800) 841-2453, via e-mail at, or on the web at

Joseph V. Sebelin, Jr. is an associate with William G. Schwab & Associates, a general practice firm in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. Attorney Sebelin’s interests outside the law include weightlifting and mountain biking
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