Volume 5, Number 1
April 2007

Past Issues

Advising New Landlords
What to consider when your client is purchasing investment property.

Which Business Retirement Plan Is Right for You?
Plans that make sense for the small business owner.

The Open House: A Primer
Marketing your firm without going astray.

A Great Summer Opportunity: Judicial Clerkships
Make the most of your time between semesters.

The Balancing Act
Our quarterly column on maintaining your sanity.

Legal Trivia >>

Legal Trivia »

As of 2005, how many states elected their judges?

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“Justice is but truth in action.”

– Justice Louis D. Brandeis, 1914

Practice Tip

Letter-Writing Strategy
In litigation, there is no such thing as a “casual letter.” Every letter that goes out becomes a part of the litigation and should be done with care and with strategic considerations in mind. The volume of communications taking place over the phone and via e-mail leaves little time to draft succinctly worded letters. Often we regard letter writing as an impossible luxury. Read more »



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