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Volume 5, Number 1 • April 2007

Advising New Landlords »
What to consider when your client is purchasing investment property.

Which Business Retirement Plan Is Right for You? »
Plans that make sense for the small business owner.

The Open House: A Primer »
Marketing your firm without going astray.

A Great Summer Opportunity: Judicial Clerkships »
Make the most of your time between semesters.

The Balancing Act »
Our quarterly column on maintaining your sanity.

Legal Trivia

As of 2005, how many states elected their judges?

Answer »

Legal Trivia

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Justice is but truth in action.

– Justice Louis D. Brandeis, 1914

Practice Tip

Letter-Writing Strategy
In litigation, there is no such thing as a “casual letter.” Every letter that goes out becomes a part of the litigation and should be done with care and with strategic considerations in mind. The volume of communications taking place over the phone and via e-mail leaves little time to draft succinctly worded letters. Often we regard letter writing as an impossible luxury. Read more »

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