Volume 4, Number 1 • November 2005

The Porsche Judge
This judge answered a 911 call.

Finding My Place in the Legal World
Sometimes meandering works.

Who Owns What?
Think you own those plans you paid for? Think again.

Metadata: What You Don’t Know About Your Documents Can Hurt You
How to eliminate risk you may not have realized was there.

The Joys of Billing: No Generous Gesture Comes Without a Cost
A penny saved is a client burned.

The Old Man’s Words of Wisdom
On avoiding clients that teach you painful lessons.

Advocational Vocab
To be taken seriously, check your vocabulary on our vocab page, then test your colleagues. Check it out.

Legal Trivia

What was the first case argued in the Marble Palace?

Division News

Find out about the benefits of being a GP|Solo Division member

GP|Solo Homepage

The doctrine of the law then is this: that precedents and rules must be followed, unless flatly absurd or unjust; for though their reason be not obvious at first view, yet we owe such a deference to former times as not to suppose that they acted wholly without consideration.

—Sir William Blackstone, Commentaries Volume I, Section III, Page No. 7

Practice Tip

If a lawyer determines that he or she will not represent a client either because the client does not retain the lawyer or the lawyer refuses the engagement, that lawyer should confirm in writing immediately that he or she will not represent the client and advise of any limitation periods.


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