Volume 3, Number 3 • August 2005

Fragile as reason is and limited as law is as the institutionalised medium of reason, that’s all we have between us and the tyranny of mere will and the cruelty of unbridled, undisciplined feelings.

—Felix Frankfurter (1882–1965)

Better at 48 Than 68
At 48, it’s still not too late to drastically change your life.

Reintroducing the Ethical Will: Expanding the Lawyer’s Toolbox
Help your clients share important values, lessons, and blessings with loved ones.

Six Steps to Improve Your Practice Profitability
A practical list of suggestions to help your firm make more money.

Thinking Like a Lawyer
Sometimes you just can’t turn it off—but is that so bad?

The Self-Made Lawyer
What the GPSSF Section can do for you.

Practice Tip

Focus on Just One Important Matter at a Time

One reason so few of us reach our goals is that we never direct our focus. Concentrated work can lead to greater work-life happiness. Focusing our efforts on fewer activities at a time can help us reach long-term goals.

The Old Man’s Words of Wisdom
Advice from the Land of Nothing to Do.

Legal Trivia
Who was the first justice to wear trousers under his robe?

Advocational Vocab
To be taken seriously, check your vocabulary on our vocab page, then test your colleagues. Check it out.

A Law Firm Brand Identity Isn’t All Form and No Substance
What is a brand identity? It is a way of communicating about your firm that helps your target audience understand and remember more about your firm. It must build upon your firm’s strengths and core message. Your brand isn’t just your logo and typeface: It’s the personality of your firm, from the substantive focus of your practice to the way you treat your existing clients. 

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