Volume 3, Number 1 • November 2004

Tips from GPSSF Section Publications

 Representing Lesbian and Gay Clients
Before deciding to represent lesbian and gay (LG) clients, you must first determine your own comfort level.

Usually, the client is told to “go with your gut” when selecting an attorney. That is still true, but you must also decide whether you are comfortable dealing with LG clients. Be aware of your own feelings about gay men and lesbians.

Clients may ask questions on the following issues:

  1. Do you have experience dealing with sexual orientation or AIDS-related issues?
  2. Have you represented other LG clients?
  3. Do you have any personal doubts or issues about equal rights and treatment for LG clients with HIV or AIDS?
  4. Are you familiar with legal arguments used against the interests of LG clients?
  5. Are you comfortable seeking assistance from LG organizations?

From Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples
by Joan M. Burda

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