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Starts With Communication


Here’s a valuable tip from a recently published book from the ABA GPSSF Section.

Many state bar associations have pointed out that 70 to 80 percent of the grievances filed against lawyers are due to a “lack of communications,” “inattention to the client’s matter,” “failure to communicate,” or “failure to keep clients advised about their matter.” Often the lawyer is paying attention to a client’s matter quite appropriately, but is not communicating often enough with the client to instill confidence that he or she is doing so. Further, the grievance, although not malpractice on its face, can lead to the filing of a malpractice action by a frustrated client. Even if the lawsuit does not succeed, it must be defended—at a cost—and undoubtedly will lead to greater scrutiny by the lawyer’s professional liability insurance carrier. In short, a lawyer’s lack of communication can lead to higher insurance rates and lost referrals in addition to the time and money he or she may need to spend defending themselves in court.

From Letters for Lawyers: Essential Communications for Clients, Prospects, and Others, 2nd Edition
By Thomas E. Kane

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