Volume 2, Number 3 • April 2004

“The future is in the hands of those who can give tomorrow’s generations valid reasons to live and hope.”

—Pierre Tielhard de Chardin

Brustin Out All Over
Instead of spinning his wheels purposelessly, Gary Brustin turned his love of cycling into a successful practice.
Alan Olson: Outstanding Achiever
Doing your homework shows up in the marketplace.
Seeing Into the Future
Try creating your own crystal ball.

What Successful Lawyers Do
Ten tips for building your practice and yourself.

It’s a Wonderful iLife

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The Old Man’s Words of Wisdom
Equal justice for the have-nots.

Words of Wisdom by a Young Man
Ballpoint ink stains never, ever come out.

Dear Mike
Working in Snow County: The Land of White Powder.
Legal Trivia
Which president appointed the most justices to the Supreme Court?
Advocational Vocab
To be taken seriously, check your vocabulary on our vocab page, then test your colleagues. Check it out.
Don’t Let Ethics Jeopardize Litigation
Valuable information from our books program.
GPSolo Links
Visit these links for more useful information.
Contacts and Legal Stuff
Who is responsible for all this?

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