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Winter 2009

Vol. 5, No.2

Young Lawyers


Join the “Fast Track” With the GPSolo and Small Firm Division!

A year ago a tragic event happened to me at a YLD meeting. I realized that I was “aging out”—or “aging up” as I like to call it—after the San Francisco Annual Meeting. When the realization hit me, my palms became sweaty, my heart began to beat fast, and I felt like Scarlet O’ Hara in Gone with the Wind wondering, “Where shall I go? What shall I do after the YLD?” I had been involved with the Young Lawyers Division for nine years, and I did not want my ABA involvement to end!

After my panic attack ended, I decided that before I aged out, I should become involved with a “Big Bar” section. As someone who has participated in bar work for a long time as a young lawyer, it was important to me to join a section that not only provided relevant professional resources and skills training, but that demonstrated a commitment to providing young lawyers with section leadership opportunities. In my search for a new section home, the answer became clear—if you are looking for outstanding professional resources and the “fast track” to leadership opportunities—the GPSolo and Small Firm Division is for you!

It is the fastest growing entity of the ABA. Here are some examples of the excellent professional benefits and young lawyer leadership opportunities that GPSolo has to offer:

  1. Two former young lawyer leaders were appointed to council recently during their first year with the group.
  2. GPSolo offers thirty-eight substantive law committees, and more than one-fourth of those committees are currently chaired or vice-chaired by young lawyers.
  3. Young lawyers author articles for the GPSolo magazine, the Technology eReport, and the GPSolo Law Trends newsletter—which are all free to GP/Solo members.
  4. Young lawyers serve on half of the funded GP committees, such as Membership, Corporate Sponsorship, Diversity, Long Range Planning, GPSolo Editorial Board, among others, and two out of the five members of the Council Nominations Committee are young lawyers!
  5. Young lawyers help plan and speak at top national CLE programs—such as the nationally recognized “Young Lawyer Marketing CLE” and “Technology Must Haves for Young Lawyers,” cosponsored by the GP Division.
  6. Young lawyers were selected as the three funded Diversity Fellows recently. The program is provided annually and covers airfare and $100 per diem to GPSolo meetings.
  7. Discounts on great publications such as the Real Estate Closing Deskbook, The Complete Guide to Divorce Practice, Financial Planning for You and Your Clients, The Lawyers Guide to Negotiations, and many more!
  8. Discounts on West Legal Ed Center online CLE that you can access at any time.
  9. Fun meeting sites: Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Miami, among others.
  10. Join your current and former YLD friends in the Section—Alan Olson, Laura Farber, Benes Aldana, James Durant, Stacy Auzenne, Tonya Chatton, Rick DeMichele, Evan Loeffler, Marty Olsen, Trish Sexton, Will Wilhoit, Kathleen Hopkins, Aurora Austriaco, Vinnie Casiano, Claudia Jones, Bruce Hopson, Jeff Snell, Henry DeWoskin, Laura Embleton, and Amy Lin Meyerson, just to name a few.

This is what two former YLD Chairs have to say about why GP/Solo is their new Section home:

The value of a GPSolo Division membership is second to none in the ABA. There is a reason why the GPSolo Division is the fastest growing entity in the ABA!
—Alan Olson
I joined the GP Division because it provides a multifaceted substantive focus—like my practice—and because of the GP Section’s commitment to diversity and public service. The GP Division Diversity Fellows program is an example of this commitment along with the desire to make the profession reflective of the population that it needs to serve. The GP Division members have been welcoming and supportive, so much so that they adopted and embraced the YLD’s Tolerance Through Education project and gave the project and the YLD members who tirelessly worked on it a new home. There is no better place to be.
—Laura Farber

For more info about the GPSolo Division, please visit our website at We are looking forward to having you join the fun as a new member now!

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Jennifer Rymell is the YLD liaison to the GPSolo Division and is a judge of the Tarrant County Court, Fort Worth, Texas. Contact Jennifer Rymell at

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