September 2005
Volume 2, Number 1
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Palm Integration with Tabs3 and PracticeMaster

By Dan Berlin

“If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it.”

That refinement of Ben Franklin’s “Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today”

comes from David Allen’s “Rosetta Stone” for Mastering Workflow. Mr. Allen, a time management guru and the author of the book Getting Things Done, helps people keep their inboxes empty and their lives organized. Part of his process involves doing small, simple tasks right away. As an example, one simple task you should always do right away is track your billable time and your expenses.

It is easy to see the benefits of tracking your time as you spend it. Record your time right after a meeting or phone call and you will know exactly how much time you spent with the client and what you discussed. Wait until the end of the week and you might forget whether your appointment ran longer than the 90 minutes you had scheduled in your calendar. If you wait, you also start to dread that inevitable meeting with your timesheet at the end of the week, or the end of the month. Why waste time on tediously retracing your steps to remember how you spent last Tuesday morning or how late you were at the office revising a contract the Monday before last?

One tool that can make it easier to keep current on your billable time is a Palm handheld device integrated with Tabs3 Billing Software. Tabs3’s Palm integration adds your client and billing code information to your Palm. So when you finish a task while you are out of the office, you can easily record the time you spent on it. Whenever you incur an expense for a client you can track that too, immediately, no matter where you are. Simply select the client and expense code, enter in the amount and you’re done. Then, the next time you sync your Palm with your computer at the office, the information instantly flows into your Tabs3 Billing Software. For your time entries, the billing rate that you have set up for the client in Tabs3 will automatically be applied to the time you tracked in your Palm. The fee and expense entries you synced from your Palm will immediately be available on your clients’ pre-billing reports and ready to appear on your client’s next statement.

Tabs3 also includes a free copy of PracticeMaster Practice Management Software that can also integrate with your Palm. PracticeMaster is an easy way to track contacts, your calendar, tasks and search for conflicts of interest. When you integrate it with your Palm, you can conveniently take all of that information from your computer with you. It is easy to see how this is helpful too. Let’s say you are walking though an airport when a client calls you. She wants to reschedule a meeting for later in the week. You can immediately update the appointment on your Palm and, the next time you sync your Palm, the updated time will automatically show up on your calendar on the office computer. Or, you are at a client’s office and she gives you her cell number so that you can be sure to get in touch with her after your meeting with opposing counsel later in the week. You add to your Palm her new number and a reminder to follow up with her. After your next sync, the information is in PracticeMaster where you are sure to notice the reminder and have her number at your fingertips.

Staying up to date with your billable time, expenses, calendar and client information will help you bill more time and look more professional, not to mention lower your stress level. If you are interested, you can order a demo of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster at It takes less than two minutes.

Dan Berlin is President of Software Technology, Inc.

Neither the ABA nor ABA entities endorse non-ABA products or services, and the product reviews in the Technology eReport should not be so construed.


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