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Winter 2009

Vol. 5, No. 2

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Chair's Note

Dear Division Member:

Below is the second issue of Law Trends for the 2008–09 bar year. As always, the editors believe this is a very exciting issue, and I am very happy to present it to you. As with prior issues, this enewsletter includes articles, checklists, and other valuable practice information and practical tips, from our substantive practice areas in the General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division. This issue also highlights some emerging areas, some interesting checklists, and much more. This issue also contains some articles dealing with practice management and issues affecting each solo and small firm attorney in these troubled times.

In this issue, we are continuing to present a portion of a book recently published by the Division. This book concerns litigation and practical advice for litigators in convincing the judge in your case. This book not only covers most issues attorneys will face while litigating a case but also has helpful tips to consider during the litigation. Please take a look at the article; if you like what you see, you can then click through to purchase the book. Also in this issue is a new area containing articles that are of interest to solos and small lifestyles and managing their practice. We are very pleased to add this new area to Law Trends, and we will be publishing articles quarterly in this area.

With this issue, Law Trends is now in its fifth year. We hope you agree that with each issue, Law Trends continues to provide meaningful articles for each of you. We trust that this issue, like the others, will be helpful to you in your daily practice. I encourage you to take just a few moments to read the list of articles below. Of course, the issue is yours to download and keep as a reference for the future. And, as in the past, you can either download specific articles, or you may download the entire newsletter by clicking the PDF PDF link.

There are many Division members integrally involved in putting this enewsletter together. Their hard work and dedication are certainly present. I thank them for producing this issue for the Division.

I hope each of you enjoys this issue of Law Trends. The publication will continue quarterly, and we hope you continue to find it a source of valuable information. If you are interested in either writing an article or participating in the production of the newsletter, please contact Jim Schwartz at Jim is now in his fifth year as editor-in-chief, and I thank him for his work and dedication.

Best regards,

Robert A. Zupkus
Chair, General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division

Letter from the Editor

Editor’s Note:

All we hear about in the news these days is the economy and how most everyone is “hurting.” Many large law firms have made the news announcing massive layoffs of partners, associates, and support staff. Less in the news, but nonetheless present, is the “hurting” by solos and small firm attorneys because of fewer new clients, less work in their practice areas, and so on. To help you during these stressful times, I have added a new section to GPSolo Law Trends. Starting with this edition, I have included a section on practice management issues and the ways they affect each of us. Included is an article dealing with depression, the issues to watch for and pitfalls to avoid; and an article concerning the strategies to be used in a managing your firm in a down economy. I hope these articles will help identify some problems we all share, some potential ways to avoid them or ways to find help to correct and cope with them. It is also a message to say that you are not alone in these troubled times and that many of us share the exact same problems. Please let me know if there are other kinds of articles you would like to see, and I will do my best to include them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best to all of you,

Jim Schwartz


Business Law

Featured Authors

 Gabriel S. Galanda is a partner with Williams Kastner in Seattle. His practice focuses on complex Indian law and gaming litigation, representing Indian tribes in economic development initiatives, and working with corporate entities that do business in Indian Country. Mr. Galanda is an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian Confederation.
 Anthony Broadman is an associate with Williams Kastner’s Tribal Practice Group in Seattle; his practice emphasizes tribal commercial litigation. The authors made reference to the Tribal Court Litigation Chapter to the Annual Review of Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation (2007 ed.), coauthored by Heidi McNeil Staudemaier and Mr. Galanda.

Practice Management

Family Law


Real Estate

Featured Author

 John N. Redding
Mr. Redding recently returned to private practice and is now serving as the principal of John Neil Redding, P.A. in Tampa, Florida. His areas of practice include real estate, probate, estate planning, wills and trusts, and business and personal affairs. Until November 2008, Mr. Redding served as Associate Counsel – Underwriting with First American Title Insurance Company. Mr. Redding has been involved in the title insurance industry for more than 20 years in various capacities.

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