Law Practice Today | October 2013 | The Intellectual Property Issue
October 2013 | The Intellectual Property Issue
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About Intellectual Property Lawyers

By Jeffrey I. D. Lewis

Intellectual property lawyers speak a language of their own – a shorthand code that’s developed over the years for ease of use. Here is a primer on what those IP lawyers are actually talking about.

Managing Law Firm IP Assets

By Vedia Jones-Richardson

IP issues aren't just for your clients. Every law firm has valuable IP assets and potential IP problems. An experienced practitioner offers tips on better managing your firm's IP.

The 10 Patent Law Principles Every Lawyer Should Know

By Rich Goldstein

Few areas of the law have more misconceptions than patent law. These days - whether you practice family law or transactional law - it is inevitable that a patent issue will come up. Knowing some key principles will help you give the right advice or take the appropriate steps for the circumstances, and avoid making one of the common mistakes even smart lawyers make when a patent issue comes up.

How to Obtain a Reproduction of a Copyright Registration Deposit

By Abioye Oyewole

Need a reproduction of a copyright registration deposit for a client (or yourself)? Here is how to get it.

Comic Books and the Law: Don't Get Trapped in the Negative Zone or Elsewhere

By Joseph Ford

Comic books are much more than kid stuff. Comics are big business, rife with complex intellectual property and contract issues that can catch even Matt Murdock (better known as Daredevil, one of the few lawyer comic book heroes) unaware.

Copyright: Jazz's Friend or Foe?

By Joseph D. Kim

Improvisation is the heart and soul of jazz – but musicians and their attorneys can’t wing it when it comes to how copyright law impacts their performances. This article highlights how copyright law can both help and harm the jazz musician.

Managing International IP Infringements - What You Need to Know

By Dr. Martin Arthur Kuppers

A recent expansion in the jurisdiction of courts in England (and some other jurisdictions that follow English practice) may offer IP practitioners a faster, more effective way to enforce international IP rights.

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Trademarks and Tribulations: Effective Strategies for Protecting and Building a Firm's Brand

By John P. Sullivan and Max S. Morgan

A number of trademark disputes between law firms illustrate the importance of protecting and enforcing your firm’s marks and brand.


The Management Challenge of Data Security and Privacy

By Ed Poll

Technology has revolutionized the practice of law, but too many law offices are neglecting to adapt data security procedures and policies to keep up with expanding security and privacy threats.


A Skills Training Solution for the Multi-Office Law Firm

By Jan Majewski

Legal skills training, always daunting for law firms, can be particularly challenging for large firms with multiple offices. Holland & Knight has developed a model for litigation training that solves many of the most common obstacles.


Joan Bullock

Interviewed By Susan Letterman White

Joan Bullock is the immediate past chair of the Law Practice Division, formerly Law Practice Management Section. Joan practices law and also is a professor of law at Florida A & M University.


Andrew N. Elowitt

Interviewed By Carol Fox Phillips

Andrew N. Elowitt is a certified coach and management consultant, who practiced international business law for 20 years before starting his consulting practice.

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