Law Practice Today | February 2013 | Technology/ABA TECHSHOW
February 2013 | Technology/ABA TECHSHOW 2013
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Bringing Lawyers and Technology Together

By Britt Lorish

Regardless of the size or type of your practice, you will benefit by learning about the latest and greatest in legal technology at ABA TECHSHOW 2013, April 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago.

Integrating Apple Products into Your Law Office with Ease

By Heidi S. Alexander

Macs and other Apple products can be great tools for any law practice. Before you make the switch, though, ask yourself the right questions and take the time to prepare, so that your transition to the Mac world is smooth and seamless.

The Verdict Is In: Social Media Can Cause Legal Catastrophes

By Kurt Olson

One lawyer's cautionary tale about the unintended consequences of a client's social media life – and her failure to tell her lawyer about it.

Thirteen Facebook Tips for Lawyers in 2013

By Dennis Kennedy

Still scared of Facebook? Come on, it's 2013 already—can 1 billion users really all be wrong? Here are 13 tips to guide even the most reluctant late adopter on how to get the most of the most popular social media tool.



The Role of Technology in Supporting Legal Project Management

By Ann Morrell and Linda Novosel

Faced with increasing client demands for more efficiency and cost-effectiveness, law firms are embracing Legal Project Management as a solution. While technology is an essential part of making LPM work, firms that build or buy the technology but don't also embrace the change in mindset and culture needed to successfully implement LPM are in for a rude awakening.

Does the Legal Profession Have an Emerging New Structure?

By Ed Poll

In a legal market increasingly stratified between BigLaw and everyone else, and with the rise of globalization and attacks on traditional state bar regulation of lawyers, some may think that smaller firms are doomed. But small firms are proving quite resilient at transforming themselves to perform well in the global economy.



Eight Things To Learn From Social Media Rock Stars

By Larry Port

Been reluctant to dip your toes in the social media waters? Use these eight tips from the pros to learn how Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help your practice.

The Infinite Conference Table: ABA TECHSHOW 2013 by Proxy Through Twitter

By Jared D. Correia

Can't make it to you favorite legal conference in person? Or you can, but can't make it to all the sessions you'd like to attend? Use Twitter to get yourself a seat at the table, and a voice in the conversation.


Buying Smart: The Right Technology Makes More Than it Costs

By Ross L. Kodner

Are you "buying smart" when it comes to tech in your practice, or just "saving a buck?"


Set Up Two-Factor Authentication: What Are You Waiting For?

By Catherine Sanders Reach

The threat of hackers compromising not only your information, but confidential client files, means it is more urgent than ever to take steps to protect your online accounts and services. Fortunately, two-step authentication makes higher protection easy and seamless for today's most popular web-based tools and services.


Roundtable "Interview" of Well-Known Lawyers

Compiled by Dan Lear

As a part of the continuing series of career profiles brought to you by the Career Paths Task Force of the ABA LPM, we are providing this “roundtable” interview/profile.


Helen B. Kim

Interviewed by Jeanne R. Lee

Helen Kim handles securities litigation, class action defense, defense of shareholder derivative suits and regulatory investigations for Theodora Oringher in Los Angeles.

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ABA TECHSHOW 2013 | Chicago, IL
April 4-6, 2013

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The Digital Edge: Lawyers and TechnologyTHE DIGITAL EDGE: LAWYERS AND TECHNOLOGY
64th Edition - Social Media, Part 1

By Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson


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