Law Practice Today | August 2013 | Young Lawyers Survival Guide (Part II)
August 2013 | Young Lawyers Survival Guide (Part II)
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How New Lawyers Can Make a (Not Too Big) Online Splash

By Conrad Saam

Traditional law firms have been conditioned by years of state bar regulations to eschew aggressive marketing. This is particularly true with the fast-paced changes in online marketing.  I recommend building positive inertia with individual success—essentially quietly take the initiative and ask for forgiveness instead of permission.  I acknowledge that I’m painting with very broad-brush strokes here, but caveat emptor. 

What follows are four recommendations for what you can do (with little or no approval needed) to start making a small splash in the online marketing world as a freshly minted lawyer who has just finished a week of orientation at your new gig. 

  1. Blog—if your firm has a blog, make friends with the poor folks in marketing who spend an inordinate amount of time unsuccessfully begging, pleading and coaxing attorneys to write for it.  If there isn’t a firm blog ask them to create one.  If you get shut down here, start your own blog (remember—forgiveness instead of permission.)
  2. Embrace Authorship—For all intents and purposes, authorship is the little picture of the content author that shows up in search engine results pages.  And if you are writing on your firm’s domain and you have an email address from that domain—it takes about two minutes to establish authorship. Google instructions here.  Nothing will make you look like more of a rock star. 
  3. Claim Profiles—claim your profiles on large directory sites like Avvo, Justia and Yelp.  Make sure the information is up to date and accurate about you.
  4. Linkbuilding—If your marketing department has any SEO skill at all, they spend a ton of time looking for high-value links.  Links from educational domains (like the law school you just left) are especially juicy given their predilection to high quality.  Practice some self promotion and see if you can get the placement/marketing/outreach department at your alma mater to write about recent graduates—featuring yours truly AND a link to your new firm’s website.

Now you’ve made friends with the marketing department.  It’s only a matter of time before the partners notice.


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About the Author

Conrad Saam is the founder of Atticus Marketing, an SEO consulting agency for the legal industry.  He can be reached at (206) 486-2087.

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