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The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology
is a podcast sponsored by the ABA Law Practice Management Section of the American Bar Association, and included in Law Practice Today's monthly webzine and on Legal Technology Today's Blog. Each month, noted legal technologists and authors/lecturers Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson address a different topic related to lawyers and technology.

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67th Edition
Android Devices for Lawyers
This episode of The Digital Edge features guest Jeffrey Taylor, also known as "The Droid Lawyer," to discuss how lawyers can efficiently use Android phones, tablets and computers in their practice.
66th Edition
Big Data for Lawyers
Sharon and Jim interview Jobst Elster, the Head of Content for, about the implications of big data for all lawyers in firms small and large. Big data provides both opportunities and challenges for lawyers! Show Notes Software TyMetrix RateDriver app (free download) Big Data Articles and Blog Posts Legal IT Insider:
65th Edition
Social Media, Part 2
In Part 2 of Lawyers and Social Media, Jim and Sharon are joined by Allison Shields and Dennis Kennedy who talk about their favorite tips for ethically using Facebook and LinkedIn.
64th Edition
Social Media, Part 1
Jim and Sharon talk to Ernie Svenson and Jared Corrreia about how lawyers can effectively and ethically use Twitter and blogs.
63rd Edition
Windows 8 for Solos and Small Firms: Should You Upgrade?
In this very timely podcast, Jim and Sharon talk to legal technologist Ben Schorr about the pros and cons of Windows 8, what it costs, how easy it is to install and its best and worst features.


62nd Edition:
2012 Top Tech Trends

Sharon and Jim talk to Toby Brown, the Director or Strategic Pricing and Analytics for Akin Gump, about technology trends in large firms - it's a very different IT world from that of solos and small firms!
61st Edition:
2012 Tech Toys

Sharon and Jim present their annual Holiday Tech Toys podcast including some heavy duty technology and some light-hearted technology to entertain you over the holiday season.
60th Edition:
iPad for Lawyers, 2nd Edition

Sharon and Jim welcome Tom Mighell, the author of the second edition of The iPad for Lawyers. Everything moves fast in the iPad world so Tom brings us up to date on the latest apps, accessories and tips!

59th Edition:
Model Rules Have Changed

Jim and Sharon welcome guest Andy Perlman, a noted professor, author and lecturer, who serves as the Chief Reporter for the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20. The House of Delegates adopted a number of the Commission's recommendations in August of 2012 and Andy provides a great overview of what lawyers need to know about the changes in what it means to be competent, the protection of client data and ethical marketing.

58th Edition:
The New Normal

Jim and Sharon interview Arthur Greene about "the new normal" in the economy and how it impacts law firms. Arthur is a Principal with Boyer Greene LLC, which provides management consulting services to law firms. He discusses how to address today's economy by using existing resources, the importance of determining your firm's revenue capacity and the rise of alternative billing.

57th Edition:
Avoid Bad Check Frauds

Jim and Sharon talk to Dan Pinnington, the Vice President of Claims Prevention and Stakeholder Relations for the Laywers Professional Indemnity Company in Ontario about how lawyers can avoid bad check frauds. Dan explains exactly how these frauds work, notes some red flags to alert lawyers that something is wrong and gives a number of helpful resources for further information.

56th Edition:
The Future of Law Practice

Sharon turns the tables on Jim and makes him her guest to talk about the future of law practice. Jim discusses current trends, technology implications, alternative fees arrangements and gives advice about what lawyers can do to prepare for the future of law practice.

55th Edition:
Locked Down: Information Security for Lawyers

Sharon and Jim talk to noted litigator Dave Ries about information security (or the lack thereof) in law firms. They discuss why law firms are increasingly targeted by hackers, how the hacks are accomplished and steps that law firms should be taking to safeguard their data.

54th Edition:
Ethics and Technology – The Rules Are Changing

This month Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway interview Catherine Sanders Reach, Director of Law Practice Management & Technology for the Chicago Bar Association. The topic is Ethics and Technology: The Rules are Changing.

53rd Edition:
iPad for Litigators

In this episode, Sharon and Jim discuss using iPads in the courtroom with Tom Mighell. This podcast was motivated by a webinar that Jim and Tom did with trial lawyer Jamie Moncus earlier this year for the ABA Law Practice Management Section.

52nd Edition:
Start It Up Reboot or Reload

Sharon and Jim interview Barron Henley, a partner at Affinity Consulting Group, about the technology that lawyers need today to efficiently open and operate a law office. These are the various specific products mentioned by Mr. Henley during the discussion. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

51st Edition:

Sharon and Jim welcome Reid Trautz, the Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2012. Reid offers a preview of the conference, which will take place March 29-31 in Chicago, including new educational sessions, social events, the keynote by Ben Stein and discounted pricing.


50th Edition:
Solo By Choice

Sharon and Jim welcome Carolyn Elefant, an attorney and the author of Solo by Choice: Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be. Carolyn talks about how solos should market themselves through social media and in other ways, how they can stay current with technology and the budgetary and ethical implications of cloud computing for solos.

49th Edition:
Tech Toys for the Holidays

This month Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson continue their annual tradition with Tech Toys for the Holidays 2011, the 49th edition of The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology podcast. They agree that this is their favorite podcast of the year and note that if any listeners want to send them any holiday presents, they are not hard to locate.

48th Edition:
Favorite Social Media Tips

Sharon and Jim discuss their favorite tips for using social media, including ways to maximize your results while minimizing your time, privacy safeguards, and stories from their own successful use of social media.

47th Edition:
The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Word 2010

This month Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson interview Ben Schorr of Roland Schorr and Tower, who is the author of The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Word 2010. Ben shares several tips and great information about all of Microsoft Office 2010.

46th Edition:
All Things Apple for Lawyers

Hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk to Brett Burney, the principal of Burney Consultants and a nationally-recognized expert on Apple products about "All Things Apple for Lawyers." They discuss Brett's favorites among the Mac computer line as well as the iPhone and the iPad.

45th Edition:
How to Start a Law Practice

Sharon and Jim interview Bill Gibson, noted author and lecturer and the President at the College of Law Practice Management about starting a law practice. Bill tells newly-minted lawyers what it is essential to have and to think about as you form your own practice and offers his very best tips and techniques.

44th Edition:
Information Security for Lawyers

Information security for lawyers is major issue. Bedrocks of the attorney-client relationship are attorney-client privilege and confidentiality of client information. Jim and Sharon are joined by Dave Ries, who is a partner with the firm of Thorp, Reed and Armstrong, a former ABA TECHSHOW planning board member and an expert on information security for lawyers, to discuss this critical issue.

43rd Edition:
24 Favorite Websites

ABA TECHSHOW 2011 closed with a crowd in attendance for 60 Sites in 60 Minutes. Jim and Sharon joined colleagues ABA TECHSHOW 2010 chair Paul Unger and TECHSHOW planning board member Erik Mazzone for this lively presentation. Jim and Sharon just couldn't get enough of talking about interesting and fun websites for lawyers so they decided to discuss some of the websites here, beginning with a 'missing site" that was mysteriously omitted from the original 60 Sites presentation.

42nd Edition:
New Book Release - iPad in One Hour for Lawyers

Jim and Sharon discuss Tom Mighell's new book release - iPad in One Hour for Lawyers.

41st Edition:
Contemplating the Future of Law Practice

Jim and Sharon discuss a number of trends that impact the future of the legal profession.

40th Edition:
ABA TECHSHOW - 25th Anniversary

Past ABA TECHSHOW Chairs Jim and Sharon welcome Paul Unger, Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2011, for a preview of the exciting 25th anniversary of bringing lawyers and technology together!

39th Edition:
Legal Talk Network - Taking Legal Podcasts to the Next Level

Jim and Sharon are joined by two-time Emmy Award winner Lu Ann Reeb, Co-founder and President of Legal Talk Network, LLC.


38th Edition:
Google for Lawyers

Jim and Sharon welcome author experts Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch to discuss their recent (and extremely successful) book, Google for Lawyers: Essential Search Tips and Productivity Tools.

37th Edition:
Tech Toys for the Holidays

'Tis the season to be a techie as Jim and Sharon highlight tools - and most importantly, toys - for everyone's holidays.

36th Edition:
Anatomy of a Law Firm Audit

Jim and Sharon take a look at the little-discussed topic of law practice management audits. Hopefully you will never have an audit ordered on you or your law practice. But what can you learn from the items that an auditor might examine that will help you be a better lawyer?

2010 (Continued)

35th Edition:
Metadata - What You Can't See Can Hurt You

Jim and Sharon discuss the importance understanding metadata. With the amount of misinformation and lack of knowledge about metadata, it is important for legal professionals to understand how misuse could ultimately affect their businesses.

34th Edition:
2010 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report

Listen in as Jim and Sharon are joined by Catherine Sanders Reach – then Director of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center – to discuss some exciting and useful findings from the sixth volume of the Center's Survey Report.

33rd Edition:
Virtual Lawyering Goes Mainstream

With 14% of attorneys reporting to the ABA that they are now engaged in the virtual practice of law, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway discuss how VLOs (virtual law offices) have gone mainstream.

32nd Edition:
Surviving the Law Practice Shark Tank - the Top 6 Mistakes That Can Kill You in Your Practice

Jim and Sharon welcome long-time friend and colleague Nerino Petro, Jr., as they discuss some of the greatest mistakes lawyers can make and how to avoid them.

31st Edition:
Alternative Fee Arrangements: Is it Finally Time?

A long-standing source of debate, Jim and Sharon talk about the billable hour, its role in so many firms, and creative solutions to it - AFAs.

30th Edition:
ABA TECHSHOW 2010 - It's a Wrap

Jim and Sharon discuss some of the highlights of this year's ABA TECHSHOW.

29th Edition:
The Next Generation of Lawyers

Dennis Kennedy, respected legal technologist and author, chats with Jim and Sharon about how the practice of law is likely to change for the next generation of lawyers.

28th Edition:
What's Hot in Technology for 2010

We welcome back Jim as he and Sharon discuss some hot technologies that may change the business of practicing law in 2010 and beyond.

27th Edition:
Computer Forensic FAQs

Sharon Nelson (flying solo because Jim Calloway is under the weather) interviews John Simek, one the foremost experts on computer forensics, and gets answers to some of the computer forensics questions most frequently asked by lawyers.


26th Edition:
Cloud Computing for Lawyers
Authors Erik Mazzone and Ben Schorr join Jim and Sharon to discuss the cloud computing title bout between the cloud curmudgeon and the cloud champion.

25th Edition:
Tech Toys for the Holidays
Jim and Sharon prepare for the season of giving (and wanting!) with some great gift ideas for the tech lover in all of us.

24th Edition:
Find Info Like a Pro: Investigative Research on the Internet
Jim and Sharon welcome Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch to discuss their book (to be published later this year) Find Info Like a Pro, Volume 1: Mining the Internet's Publicly Available Resources for Investigative Research.

23rd Edition:
Looking Ahead
Join Jim and Sharon for a look at trends for the future – the economy and its effect on the legal profession, technology, and more!

22nd Edition:
How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times - Marketing and Management
Following the informative discussion of Jim Calloway, Sharon Nelson, Ross Kodner's book How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times, this edition of The Digital Edge, explores marketing and management tools for lawyers during a down economy.

21st Edition:
How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times
Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson welcome guest Ross Kodner to discuss the economic downturn and its effect on lawyers. Stay tuned for Jim, Sharon, and Ross's book, How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times.

20th Edition:
How to Select an S.E.O. Company
Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson discuss the importance of search engine optimization and share tips for selecting the right company to help put your Web site on the on the search engine map.

19th Edition:
Essential Tips to Power Your Practice
Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson speak with Dan Pinnington and Reid Trautz about their recently-published book, The Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success: Essential Tips to Power Your Practice.

18th Edition:
Practice Management
Jim Calloway and John Simek speak with Andy Adkins to discuss discuss his recently-published book, The Lawyer's Guide to Practice Management Systems Software, Second Edition.

17th Edition:
Marketing in a Down Economy
This month Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson discuss Marketing in a Down Economy on the Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology podcast.

16th Edition:
Social Networking for Lawyers
Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson discuss social networking for lawyers, focusing on the use of Twitter and Facebook.

15th Edition:
Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway explain how ABA TECHSHOW is so much more than just a legal technology conference.


14th Edition:
Tech Toys for the Holidays
Suggestions for tech toys from Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway!

13th Edition:
Ball in Your Court - Craig Ball on EDD
A wealth of free electronic discovery resources may be found at Craig Ball's website at

12th Edition:
Outsourcing Edd Review Abroad
Read the amended complaint in the Newman case referenced in the podcast .

11th Edition:
Outlook 2007 with Ben Schorr
Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk with Ben Schorr, author of the newly released book,The Lawyer's Guide to Microsoft Outlook 2007.

10th Edition:
The ABC's of SEO
Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway share their expertise on the subject of Search Engine Optimization.

9th Edition:
Adobe Acrobat
A discussion on using Adobe Acrobat, featuring David Masters.

8th Edition:
ABA TECHSHOW 2008 - Preview Edition
Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway explain how ABA TECHSHOW is so much more than just a legal technology conference.

7th Edition:
The Legal Technology Year in Review

Jim Calloway and Sharron Nelson review some of the most notable technology software products of 2007.


6th Edition:
Tech Toys for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect tech gadget for a colleague or yourself? Sharon and Jim share a few of their favorite things for the holidays.

5th Edition:
Ethics in the Electronic Era: Staying Out of the Briar Patch

Technology can make an attorney's repetitive tasks much easier, but it can also make their lives a lot more complicated. With all the advances in technology it is easy for lawyers to accidentally commit malpractice at the speed of light. In this month's edition of "The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology" you'll learn ways to avoid the ethical briar patch.

4th Edition:
Better than Batman's Belt: Our Favorite Utilities

Holy downloadable data directors! In this edition of The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson discuss their favorite software utilities.

3rd Edition:
Courthouse Technology: Lawyers Go Hollywood

Jim and Sharon discuss courtroom technology and how to be your own Steven Spielberg at trial, storyboarding your case, and showcasing technology. They go through the use of various kinds of technology explaining their uses and dangers and recounting stories from real-life trials.

2nd Edition:
Electronic Marketing: Harnessing the Web's Whizbang
How do you help clients find their way to your doorstep? Use the Internet's whizbang! This podcast contains many tips and strategies, including website development and search engine optimization, the purchase of keywords on search engines, directory listings (free and paid), electronic newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and much more.

1st Edition:
Talking to Yourself: Is Speech Recognition Ready for Prime Time?

Computers that can be controlled by speech used to be a matter of science fiction. In the real world speech recognition software has matured slowly. There have been significant improvements in recent years, but is speech recognition practical for daily use in your law office? Jim and Sharon discuss the highs and lows of digital dictation.