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Lawyers Sought as Girl Scout Program Facilitators

Group of girls talking at Camp Butternut Springs.Another group of girls talking at Camp Butternut Springs.

Girl Scouts of Chicago Council’s Camp Butternut Springs, December 2006.


The American Bar Association and the Girl Scouts of the USA are seeking young lawyers to facilitate “Take Charge: Violence Prevention Education, Conflict Resolution, and Law,” a national pilot program taking place in eleven major cities this fall for girls ages 12 to 18. Participating cities include Baltimore, Cincinnati, Chicago, Denver, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Antonio/Austin, San Diego, Tampa, and Troy, New York.

In some cases, law firms have offered to adopt a troop and offer their staff attorneys pro bono. Some program sessions may take place during a troop meeting, while other programs may be conducted at campgrounds, thus requiring an overnight stay.

“Take Charge: Violence Prevention Education, Conflict Resolution, and Law” uses an interactive curriculum that introduces law-related education, leadership and career development, and violence prevention education at a critical point in girls’ development. Focus issues include:

  • Conflict recognition and resolution (activities and discussions)
  • School safety (includes a case study and discussion about search and seizure at school)
  • The presence and impact of the law in our lives (LRE activities)
  • Teen dating violence prevention facts and recommendations
    (ABA-produced DVD and debriefing)
  • Careers in the law (formal presentations and informal discussions led by volunteer lawyers)
  • Mock trial (preparation, presentation, and debriefing with volunteer lawyers serving as coaches)

After a successful initial pilot series conducted in partnership with the Girl Scouts of Chicago Council and the Chicago Bar Association Young Lawyers Section in 2006, “Take Charge: Violence Prevention, Conflict Resolution, and Law” was launched as a national pilot series as a collaborative strategy by which the legal system and the youth-service community can work together to better guide young girls to right choices and a brighter future. By working with local lawyers and law students as volunteers, the ABA and the Girl Scouts hope to reach hundreds of teen girls in major urban centers. Interested lawyers, law students, and law firms should contact their local Girl Scout Councils directly to volunteer as facilitators for the program.




ABA & Girl Scouts Announce Anti-Violence Program
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“Take Charge!” Program
Diane Tukman, Director of Healthy Living Initiative for the Girl Scout of USA
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“Capacity to Reach Girls”
Diane Tukman, Director of Healthy Living Initiative for the Girl Scout of USA



Announcement of National Pilot Launch (ABA Midyear Meeting, February 2007)



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