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Novel Educates Public About the Courts

novelJustice Case Files is a series of illustrated novels created by the National Center for State Courts to educate the public about how courts work, how judges make decisions, and how courts are accountable for law.

The first in this series weaves together two issues into one story about downloading music and eminent domain. In addition, lesson plans for the first issue are available for educators.

Visit the National Center for State Court’s website to download a sample or to purchase your copy.


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New Edition - ABA’s Complete Personal Legal Guide

Complete Personal Legal GuideThe ABA Division for Public Education has released a new edition of its Random House series of the ABA’s Complete Personal Legal Guide: The Essential Reference for Every Household. This revised and updated edition includes easy-to-digest, comprehensive legal information every household needs.

The ABA’s Complete Personal Legal Guide offers the most comprehensive, useful, and authoritative information available on how the law affects individuals at home, at work, and at play. In addition to tips on real estate, health care, home ownership, retirement, and much more, there are new useful charts and graphs, insightful personal stories, and a new chapter on the growing specialty of “disabled” or “special needs” law that will be helpful to an even larger audience.

Order your copy today and ensure that, whatever the legal situation, your family is knowledgeable and protected.


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Dialogue on Lincoln

The latest in the ABA Dialogue series, the Dialogue on Lincoln: A Legacy of Liberty, explores the life and legacy of our nation’s 16th president. Designed for use by lawyers, judges, and teachers in school classrooms and with community groups, the Dialogue on Lincoln offers three perspectives for discussion:  Lincoln’s life, including his career as a lawyer; his decisions as a wartime president; and the portrayal of his image in the media. For more information and to download previous Dialogues, visit the website. The Dialogue on Lincoln will be available for download and in hard copy in February 2009.


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History Now – Abraham Lincoln in His Time and Ours

Visit History Now for articles on such topics as Lincoln’s relationship with abolitionists and his views on race, as well as an interactive feature allowing readers to see and hear Lincoln scholars as they address the Lincoln Symposium held in November 2008 at Columbia University. This issue of History Now also includes lesson plans on Lincoln from teachers across the country.

Visit the website for more information on The Gilder Lehrman Institute.


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2009 Law Day Planning Guide Available

The 2009 Law Day Planning Guide is available for download at Download your copy or request that a copy be mailed to you and start planning your 2009 Law Day program today.

The planning guide includes tips on how to organize and plan your program, sample news releases and public service announcements to publicize your event, talking points on how to involve community members, and lesson plans for K -12 students.

As you plan your 2009 Law Day program, don’t forget to visit the Law Day store at to purchase promotional material, prizes and awards for students, and thank you gifts for presenters and participants. Themed items sell out early, so order today. Order your Law Day items before February 27 to save 10%.


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Law Matters, the news source for the law-related education (LRE) community

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