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The best way to find legal information online is to get on the Internet and start exploring for yourself. Only you will be able to decide what information is useful in your own practice area. Three of the better attempts to catalog the vast array of legal information that is available on the Internet are:

The Legal Information Institute ( This homepage, run by Cornell University, is about the best one out there. The page catalogs the Internet both by topic and geographic region, and there is an awful lot of information. In cataloging the legal information, this page also points to other pages that do the same thing, so if you cannot find something on Cornell’s page, perhaps another site might have what you are looking for.

I ndiana University Law School ( This is the homepage that the creators of the World Wide Web use for their legal resources catalog.

American Bar Association ( The ABA has done a very good job of gathering together a wide variety of resources of interest to the practitioner. Between this one and Cornell’s, you should be able to find the majority of the materials you are looking for.

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