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Technology Self-Audit By Nancy Byerly Jones





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1. Have you realized that computers and automation are essential survival tools for today’s law practice?








2. Are you and your staff computer literate?








3. Are you using your current software packages in the narrowest or broadest sense in regard to their features and power?








4. In making decisions and plans regarding your hardware and software purchases, do you get every employee’s input before
actually purchasing?








5. Before purchasing, have you taken into account your clients’ specific needs or requirements (i.e., e-mail)?








6. Have you purchased software for the following areas of your practice?








a. word processing








b. accounting/financial








c. communications








1. internal








2. external








3. retrieval








4. facsimile








d. conflicts of interest








e. calendaring/docketing








f. case, database and records management








g. desktop publishing








h. areas of law and specialty programs








i. research








j. litigation support








k. client information files








7. Are your office computers networked?








8. Did you know that one small CD-ROM (compact disc-read only memory) disk holds approximately 250,000 typewritten pages?








9. Do you know and maintain contact with a reliable, knowledgeable, and amicable computer consultant and repair person?








10. Are you aware of the ABA’s many technology resources for its members (i.e., seminars, the Legal Technology Resource Center, TECHSHOW, and Section publications and products)?








Nancy Byerly Jones is executive director and management counsel of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Lawyer’s Management Assistance Program. This form is adapted from one of a set of self-audits published by the North Carolina State Bar.

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