Volume 17, Number 8
December 2000

Vendors: Want to Submit a Product for Review?

Technology & Practice Guide has established the following guidelines respecting product review submittals:
  • We will only review full working copies of products identical to those sold to end users.
  • The magazine reserves the right to publish product reviews according to our own timeframe.
  • The magazine reserves the right to determine the form of the product review (e.g., whether it is a separate review or included in a discussion of other competitive products).
  • The magazine reserves the right to determine what products to review. Submittal of a product does not guarantee that it will be reviewed in the magazine.
  • Products and materials submitted for consideration will not be returned to vendors.
We request that a submittal for consideration for review include the following:
  • Full working copy of product as sold to end users.
  • Vendor contact information.
  • Press kit.
  • Name/contact to call if reviewer has questions.
  • Complete pricing information.
  • Minimum system requirement information.
  • Photo (slide or jpeg) of the product.
  • Copy of all other product reviews, and name/contact information of others who have reviewed the product (not absolutely required but strongly recommended).

If you are interested in having your product reviewed in Technology & Practice Guide, please contact Jeffrey M. Allen, Special Issue Editor, at jallenlaw@aol.com for complete guidelines.

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