GPSolo Magazine - June 2005

lexBlog: A Turnkey Solution for Your Law Practice

So you’ve finally got your law practice’s website up and running, and it’s pulling in a bit of business. But were you expecting more? Marketing your practice on the Internet shouldn’t end with a website. Maybe it’s time for you to set up your own “blog”—short for “web log”—in essence, an online journal. Whereas a website features promotional content about your law practice, a blog offers relevant legal information that the public can see, read, digest, and use. And because it’s regularly updated and commented upon, the information is always current and useful. It’s more like an educational magazine for current and potential clients. With a blog, the general Internet population can see and read exactly what your practice has to offer.

Sounds great, but while attorneys are excellent at what they do—i.e., the practice of law—most have no clue about how to effectively design a blog, keep it running, and use it to market their practice. Well, there’s good news. A Seattle-based company called lexBlog offers a completely turnkey solution for setting up and maintaining a blog. With lexBlog, the number-one provider of marketing blogs for the legal profession, you get a cost-effective package that gives your practice a custom blog marketing plan, along with a professionally designed custom blog site, training, marketing, and search engine optimization, all with ongoing support.

“Blogging” is a skill, just as is the practice of law, and doing it the cheap and dirty way—publishing on an inexpensive blog platform—sometimes does more harm than good. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and with a bad platform you can do a great deal of damage. Even if you provide lots of good content, you must use the skills of blogging to enhance your practice; otherwise, you lose. With lexBlog, you can be up and running in a month’s time, with a design and blog that make you look first rate.

I got in touch with lexBlog’s president, Kevin O’Keefe, and in short order my new blog was ready to go. In a few short training sessions, I was able to change and control my content without any problems. O’Keefe knows the marketing problems of attorneys. He practiced law for 17 years and later founded a leading legal website, sold it to Lexis-Nexis, and served as the vice president of business development for Martindale-Hubbell.

The most important thing that Kevin taught me was that a good blog is important, but effective Internet marketing of that blog is the key to success. You must optimize the blog for various search engines (e.g., Google, etc.), register the blog on a dozen blog engines, obtain links to the blog, and monitor lawyers’ posts to the blog to make certain that they are being done correctly to be indexed for the search engines. Because lexBlog is a turnkey solution, you will receive the help you need to make all this happen. And you can be assured that your blog is being handled by experts who know and understand the legal marketplace. True, setting up the blog and monitoring the posts involve more work than maintaining your practice’s website, but the marketing payoff is potentially much greater.

The cost for all of this was not as high as I had imagined. There is an initial payment of $1,500 for consulting, design, setup, and training. Subsequent blogs cost $1,200. There is also a monthly fee of $200 for licensing the platform and ongoing technology, marketing, and publishing support for each blog. All of this is based on a one-year agreement. There is also a guarantee: If you are not totally satisfied after six months, you may terminate and receive a refund of any portion of your fee that you believe to be fair. How can you argue with that? Just think of the cost of your latest ad in the phone book, and you can see that this form of marketing can bring your practice much more for much less money.

I would highly recommend lexBlog to any of you thinking about creating a blog to show potential clients that your practice is the right one for them. You will be amazed at the results and the comments you will get on your blog.

To get started with lexBlog, contact them at their website,, or send an e-mail to Kevin O’Keefe at You will be glad that you went with a proven turnkey solution to your blogging experience. And happy blogging to you.

Alan Pearlman is a practicing attorney in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. He is the author of the nationally syndicated column The Electronic Lawyer and a frequent speaker at national legal technology seminars. He can be reached via e-mail at or on the web at



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