General Practice, Solo & Small Firm DivisionMagazine

Volume 17, Number 1
January/February 2000

State of the Section


A new year, a new century, a new name, and a new look. You might have wondered who sent you GPSolo when you first saw it in your mailbox or on your desk. But once you saw the contents, GPSolo should have been readily recognized as our venerable Section magazine formerly known as GP Solo & Small Firm Lawyer, and before that, The Compleat Lawyer.

This is the first issue of GPSolo. Though the magazine has a new image, our commitment to bringing our members timely, topical, and useful information remains the same. That commitment is to each and every Section member, regardless of his or her practice setting.

Holiday and New Year musings this year were particularly reflective. What better time to take stock of the Section's accomplishments-and shortcomings? Just as the president offers a State of the Union address, here is a State of the Section report.

The Section is proud of the products and services we provide to our members. In recent years, we have expanded our book publishing program and increased the number of periodical issues to 12 per year. Several years ago, we launched Best of ABA Sections and Technology & Practice Guide. They are now part of GPSolo magazine, which is published eight times per year. The Solo and Small Firm Division produces the popular Solo newsletter four times per year. Additionally, the GP Link Committee shares information and resources with state and local bar entities through its newsletter, GP Link.

The Section enjoys special relationships with sponsors and friends who provide the financial and professional support that have enabled us to enhance our products and services. The challenge remains, however, to continually expand and upgrade the value of Section membership.

Our Section is blessed with an abundance of talented, selfless, and enthusiastic volunteer members who serve the Section, the profession, and the public in doing the work of the Section. I feel privileged to know and work with these wonderful lawyers.

Equally as inspiring is our Section headquarters and editorial staff. The staff is bright and energetic, and tireless in its efforts to execute the needs of the officers and volunteers in doing the Section's work, communicating with our members, and guiding us through the maze of ABA policy and procedure. I think we are "taxing them to the max," however, with all of our ideas for new products and projects.

The Section is fortunate. We are in good shape to enter the next century. Do not think we are complacent, however. The personal and professional challenges facing our members in the year 2000 and beyond are daunting. The General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division's task is to provide the tools, information, and resources that will enable members to meet those challenges and practice law efficiently, effectively, and profitably in the years to come. We have some exciting projects on the planning board that will help us do just that.

Our most important aspect is you-our members. We look to you to communicate your needs and interests so that the Section-and you-can continue to thrive. If you like what we're doing, let us know; if you don't like it, let us know that as well. Help us keep the "State of the Section" healthy.

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