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From the Chair

Welcome to Best of ABA Sections

Robert R. Wright, III

This is the introductory issue of Best of ABA Sections, a new publication of the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division, which is intended to be a service to our members. It is exemplary of one of the ways in which our Section intends to serve its membership—by providing a collection of articles from other ABA sections that we believe may prove useful to solos, small firms, and general practitioners.

Our editors have carefully selected articles that we hope will save you time and money through information on various areas of the law in which our members practice. It is not a substitute for The Compleat Lawyer, our official Section publication, which you will continue to receive. It is an extension of it, providing informative material in much the way of the venerable Reader’s Digest.

We intend to follow this publication with another new Section periodical, the Technology and Practice Guide, which is expected to be published in May. This publication will focus upon computers, software, office planning, and technological developments of particular interest to solo, small firm, and general practitioners.

All of this effort is made possible through the recently ABA-approved contract between the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division and The Equitable Life Assurance Society. Our contract with The Equitable permits us to offer financial and estate planning services to our membership from the largest insurance company in the world—yet another service from our Section to our members. Under this agreement, our Section is not placed in the position of endorsing or promoting any of the services available through The Equitable. However, we are placed in the position of being able to offer and make available to our members these planning services and products and thereby provide to solos and small firms much of the advantages that large firms have traditionally enjoyed through their estate and business planning resources.

It is the hope of the Section leadership that this focus on providing services that are useful to our membership will reinvigorate our mission and supply the impetus that we need to become the number one section in the ABA—not just in terms of membership but in terms of looking after the needs of our members.

We believe that it is our mission to justify the continued support and interest of our members by delivering the information and services that their situation demands.

We believe that we are the umbrella under which all substantive law sections within the ABA are sheltered. We believe that specialization starts with us.

We believe also that the sections within the ABA do not exist to compete with one another but to service their members cooperatively and completely.

In the future, the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division will be offering some programs jointly with other ABA entities. We hope to present CLE programs of various kinds in cooperation with Sections specializing in the substantive areas that represent the specific subject matter. Some of these programs will be electronic in nature through the new ABA Lawyers Communication Network (LCN). Some will be like the programs that we currently cosponsor with the Edward J. Jones Company, which are beamed to participants at Jones’ offices in cities and towns throughout the country.

This Best of ABA Sections digest, therefore, is part of our new beginning and corresponds to our new name, as we reach out to solos, small firms, and general practitioners throughout our country. In the back of this publication are forms that enable you to have friends or colleagues join our Section and that permit you to join other sections of interest to you. Most of our members belong to our Section plus one or more other substantive sections in their specific areas of interest. But always remember that the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division is your home and is the basic section for those who service the public in much the same way as family doctors serve their patients.

We are pleased, in offering this new publication and future publications and programs, to be in the forefront of an ABA whose primary obligation is to reach out to serve its members, as well as care for the needs of those its members serve.

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