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Reviewed by Alan Pearlman

If you aren’t happy with your current case management program—or if you don’t even use one yet—consider Amicus Attorney Version 7. Likewise, if you use an older version of the program, give careful consideration to the upgrade to Version 7.

Amicus was designed by attorneys for attorney use. The program is more than just a little intuitive—it understands exactly what you need to do and then helps you do it better.

As everything in your office revolves around client files, Amicus makes all your files and their content immediately and easily accessible to you. When you click on your file, you have the ability to see all the associated people, appointments, tasks, documents, research, time that you have spent, e-mails, phone calls—a total and complete chronology of everything in that file, right at your fingertips.

You also have the ability to work anywhere or anytime that you desire; Amicus Attorney allows you to log in from any desk in your office or take a notebook “offline” and work disconnected. You also can sync your files to your PDA, and if you purchase the Premium Edition, you can connect and work across the Internet; as an option, you can even use your browser to do it.

The new People module provides a flexible and powerful contact manager, as well as a CRM (customer relationship manager) tool that will store all the information you need about all the people who interact in some way with your practice. The program makes checking for conflicts of interest quick and easy.

Amicus 7 also features a great new interface, with faster navigation and new views, and the ability to resize what you want and need the most. You can open multiple files and contacts at the same time on your desktop. Amicus 7 also offers greater flexibility and customization: You can define which items appear in your list views, in what order they appear, and by what column they are sorted. There is also a new Favorites module that helps you keep anything you use more frequently in a Favorite setting, thereby making it much faster and easier to find. You can also integrate this Favorites module automatically with your Internet Explorer Favorites.

The new e-mail management feature allows the user to harness 100 percent of the power in Outlook right inside the Amicus Communications Center. And all your Outlook mailboxes are available to you. This will eliminate the need for you to coordinate two separate applications. You also can see which e-mails are saved to Amicus and to which files. Document attachments will also be saved to that file at the same time.

There is an area for more and faster note taking, with a sort of magical legal pad that gives you the power to use it in an instant and then later transcribe what you need to the file. With this new feature, you need not call up any details dialogues—no buttons to click, no selections to make. You just get that note taken down as quickly as you can think about it. You also can convert that note into something entirely different, such as a phone call record, a message, a to-do item, an appointment, or even a time entry.

Amicus 7 is now dynamically linked to all of the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite. Word will recognize the names of all your files and contacts as you type them and make it a breeze to save your Word documents into Amicus. There is also a much improved customization feature that allows you more freedom than ever before. Finally, the product will run on the Microsoft SQL Database, allowing greater power and flexibility when building on the Microsoft .NET architecture.

The Standard Edition of Amicus 7 costs $399 for the initial license and $299 for each additional license. The Premium Edition costs $599 for the initial license and $499 for each additional license. Prices for upgrades depend on the version you currently use. Moving from Version 4 Advanced to Standard 7 costs $319 for the initial license, $249 for each additional license; Client Server 4 to Premium 7, $479/$399; Version 4 Advanced to Premium 7, $499/$429; Version 5 Advanced to Standard 7, $279/$199; Client Server 5 to Premium 7, $419/$349; Version 5 Advanced to Premium 7, $449/$379; Version 5 Plus Advanced to Standard 7, $229/$179; Client Server 5 Plus to Premium 7, $359/$299; Version 5 Plus Advanced to Premium 7, $399/$349. For more information, visit

Make a New Year’s resolution to buy Amicus 7 (or upgrade). You can consider it a gift to yourself and your staff.

Alan Pearlman is a practicing attorney in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. He is the author of the nationally syndicated column The Electronic Lawyer and a frequent speaker at national legal technology seminars. He can be reached via e-mail at or on the web at

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