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Environmental Law
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Prospective Purchaser Agreements: Reducing the Liability Risks of Contaminated Property, Elizabeth Glass Geltman (ABA Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law; PC 5350062; $95)
This new book focuses on how to draft a Prospective Purchaser Agreement under the federal Superfund and RCRA programs. It provides an overview of federal policies on brownfields and advises you on the effective use of PPAs.

The EPCRA Compliance Manual: Interpreting and Implementing the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act , James M. Kuszaj (ABA Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law; PC 5350061; $115)
This new book provides a comprehensive review of how the EPA has interpreted and implemented EPCRA during the last ten years. You will have access to detailed analysis and insight through a compendium of sources, including EPA regulatory interpretations, reporting obligations, hotline answers, administrative decisions, Federal Register preambles, and EPA correspondence and guidance documents.

The Clean Air Act Handbook , Robert J. Martineau, Jr. and David P. Novello (ABA Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law; PC 5350063; $120)
This new book helps you understand the history of the entire statute and programs. The 20 chapters cover such key issues as state implementation plans, new source review, hazardous air pollutants, accidental releases, the permit program, and enforcement.

Brownfields: A Comprehensive Guide to Redeveloping Contaminated Property , Todd S. Davis and Kevin D. Margolis (preface by Vice President Al Gore) (ABA Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law; PC 5350056; $149.95)
Crossing a number of professional disciplines and providing readily available information on emerging state and federal programs, this book is your one-stop resource guide to brownfields redevelopment.

Federal Employment Law
Freedom of Speech in the Public Workplace , Marcy S. Edwards, Jill Leka, James Baird, Stefanie Lee Black (ABA Section of State and Local Government; PC 5330063; $74.95)
This new guide covers all aspects of free speech for public employers and employees. Written for lawyers who represent public employers and employees, as well as personnel directors, union representatives, and elected officials, this comprehensive guide covers the hundreds of case law on the subject through May 1997.

Litigating the Sexual Harassment Case: A Guide for Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys (ABA Tort and Insurance Practice Section; PC 5190242; $69.95)
This book will provide both plaintiff and defense attorneys with valuable tips on pretrial and trial tactics. It focuses on the substantive and procedural intricacies of sexual harassment claims.

Litigating the Employment Tort Case: A Guide for Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys (ABA Tort and Insurance Practice Section; PC 5190247; $54.95)
This book guides you through the potential hazards of employment litigation. It provides helpful insights into discovery, opening statements, examining the parties to the lawsuit, and closing arguments.

The Portable Bankruptcy Code and Rules , 1998 Edition, Sally M. Henry (ABA Section of Business Law; PC 5070317; $29.95 (1-25 copies) $23.95 (26-50 copies))
This compact, up-to-date reference will provide you with quick and easy access to relevant Code and Bankruptcy Rule provisions, whether you're in your office, with clients, or in court.

Bankruptcy Deadline Checklist, Second Edition Norman L. Pernick (ABA Section of Business Law; PC 5070300; $39.95 (1-4 copies) $34.95 (5-25 copies))
This extremely useful checklist will provide you with an accurate, efficient way to locate and manage all of the deadlines and filing requirements in a bankruptcy case.

A Complete Guide to the ERISA Bonding Requirement , Edward G. Gallagher, Steven A. Balmer, Cheryl J. Wickham, and Susan J. Jennings (ABA Section of Tort and Insurance Practice; PC 5190240; $29.95)
This book examines the statute, regulations, case law, and standard bond forms to provide a comprehensive explanation of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) bonding requirement.

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